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Our 1-2-1 Training Workshop

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Wedding Brooch Bouquet Training Workshops in Ireland - We are now  leading  provider of Brooch Bouquet training and are recognised worldwide for our Distant Learning Brooch Bouquet Kits & our 1-2-1 Brooch Bouquet Training Workshops 

Theory covered on these 1-2-1 Workshop 

  • The History behind Heirloom Wedding Bouquets

  • Materials and accessories that can be used to create an Alternative Wedding Bouquet 

  • Brooch Bouquet Suppliers and Wholesalers both in Ireland and overseas

  • Costing,  Selling & Marketing Brooch Bouquets

  • Assembly techniques for all shapes & size bouquets.
    Professional  tricks of the trade

  • Presentation techniques
    Designing Brochures &  Portfolios(bring a camera)


Wedding Brooch Bouquet in blue


On this 1-2-1 Brooch Bouquet Workshop you will be provided with comprehensive notes on creating Brooch Bouquets in all shapes and design and much more.

Brooch Wedding Bouquets


Practical design covered on this Module:

  • Under supervision of your tutor you will create and design your own Bridal Brooch Bouquet which is yours to take home.

  • During our workshop you will be supplied with all the materials  you will need to make your own brooch bouquet.

  • You can choose your own colours  & styles of brooches to use in your bouquet.

  • You will be taught step by step how to assemble the bouquet. 

  • You will be provided with full comprehensive notes  on the assembly process.

  • You will also be provided with all the information on sourcing brooches and sundries needed to complete more of these bouquets should you decide to offer this service as a business venture.


At your 1-2-1 workshop you will also be shown a selection of Bouquets using alternative materials and will be given the opportunity to photograph them.  A full Brooch Bouquet would retail in the region of €250- €800 depending on the quantity & quality of brooches used.

We deliver these workshops on a 1-2-1 basis at a time that suits you. They  take approximately  3hrs .  

We can  also offer group discounts or onsite training.

Bring along a friend for free???  

If you are a bride making your own Bridal Brooch Bouquet why not bring along your Mum or Bridesmaids so they too can be involved in the experience.  There is no charge for up to two extra people unless they decide to create their own Heirloom Bouquet.  In this instance we will give a discounted price on the extra Brooch Bouquets designed at the workshop.

Course Duration ; Three Hours

Course Fee: €400 which includes all the materials to make a standard Brides Brooch Bouquet of 30 Brooches 

Booking Fee: €100 - Group Discounts available 

If you feel traveling to Dublin to learn to make a Brooch Bouquet is not convenient for you, you do have the option to purchase our  Brooch Bouquets Overseas Distance Learning Kits

We have a wide selection of Quality Wholesale Brooches For Sale ,View brooches  for sale here 




Vintage Gold Bride




“ Hi Kay and Janette, Pauline here from the June advanced bridal course. Just wanted to let you know that I am launching my heirloom bouquets at the wedding journal show in Citywest this weekend. Xpose did an interview with me today while i was setting up my stand so hopefully it might get shown. Pauline Forde -Kildare 

As Ireland's leading Floristry School delivering Commercial Flower Arranging and Floristry Courses we are delighted now to be recognized for our Brooch Bouquet Training all over the world.  Past Students are achieving amazing results and they themselves are being sought after by the major wedding magazines