Sustainability – How do we as a Florist become more sustainable??

Educate yourself – its not all about using No Foam, as florists we need to be commercial and foam is part of our industry, just like varnish is part of the furniture industry or diesel is part of courier companies.  We can however become more sustainable in many other ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and little changes can go a long way.

If you use Floral Foam, maybe see can you use less of it?  will a half block do instead of a full block?  Will a 10 inch ring work and cut the flowers longer??  See what works for your business

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Are you buying your flowers from ethical growers, many of the south American Ethically Produced Products are providing a life line for the families they employ, they educate their children and provide employment in areas where there is little or none.   Most flowers flown over form these countries travel in the hold passenger planes that are already traveling and consuming diesel.

Educate your customers on how flowers are grown sustainable, give them the option of choosing which flower they wish to purchase, they may well refer the more expensive sustainable flower.  Research is showing that the younger generation is more in tune with sustainability and ethical products, so if this is your demographic target market, consider this.

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Using Biodegradable and Non Biodegradable products in my opinion is no different, just that the end product that they break down into might be smaller, compostable on the other hand will break down back into earth.  However, if you are composting your waste, be advised everything must be spotless, cartons washed out, compostable plastic cleaned of any foods or products. 

How can I become more sustainable as a florist?

  1. Stop using plastic card holders – use wooden skewers, chopsticks etc to place cards in arrangements.
  2. If you do use Poly Ribbon, just use less of it, less loops on bows, bigger pleats on funeral basis.
  3. When disposing of the cello from your flower deliveries, fold instead of scrunch, it takes up such less room in your recycle bin.
  4. Use Compostable Cello for your Handtied Bouquets - Widdups do a water based / water resistant paper that can be branded.
  5. When branding paper and plastic, using less print is more eco-friendly, revise your logo and branding
  6. Use Twine to tie up bunches – sustainable cotton ribbon to tie on boxes for decoration.
  7. Use recycled paper for your cards & recycled pens and pencils in the shop for both you and your clients use.
  8. Save the elastic bands from your flowers and return to your post office, they really appreciate them.
  9. When filling your buckets and vases, put 3 cm less water in every vase, this will have a huge knock on effect on water consumption, educate staff on where to fill vases to
  10. Use vinegar, citrus, baking soda as cleaning agents or buy plant based cleaning products for cleaning your vases and around the shop or studio.
  11. Don’t leave taps running, have a basin in the sink to collect water to be used.


These are all just small changes that we can make as florists, its not all about Floral Foam.  If you as a florist can do 2-3 of the above list on a regular basis this will have an impact on your Carbon Footprint as a Florist.


Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’. It is an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. – Jennifer Nini