8 Top Tips For Taking Photos In Your Flower Shop Or Studio


 Are you struggling with How to get good photos of your amazing floral designs ??

Here are some tips that might help you to take better photos of your floral designs 

  1. Have an area available in your shop / studio that you keep clutter free and easily accessible for taking  photos of your flower arrangements . If you have to keep clearing a space to take photos of your arrangements , you wont bother.
  • Have a selection of backdrops that you can use, white fabric, sheets with scenes on them, roller blinds are a good choice. A If you wish to use a colour Grey is a good choice as your flower arrangements will not blend or fade into a grey background. However white is best for your website
  • If you are using fabric, ensure it is clean and crease free, you will be amazed what the camera can pick up.
  1. Natural Lighting is always the best for taking photos of flowers, but if this is not available, purchase some clamp lights to use from above / below and from the sides of your flowers.  Lighting from behind will eliminate shadows.
  2. You could invest in a light box, but sometimes these can be too small for your floral designs and the larger ones take up too much room.  A ring light is a good option.
  3. Turn off your camera flash as it will wash out the colours in the flower arrangement when your take your photo.
  4. Initially there is no need to spend a fortune on a good camera, the camera on iphones and androids usually produce photos of very good quality flower photos. 
  5. Place your design away from the back drop to create depth.  The Portrait mode on your phone can be used to blur out the shop background also. 
  6. Take a few different photos from different angels of your flower arrangements to see which looks better in the finished photo.
  7. Most phones have great editing tools to lighten or enhance a photo, be careful of over editing and not showing realistic designs. 
  8. Put your best photos on your website, as this is your shop window for your online customers. If you not happy with a floral design, don’t put it up there.
  9. Social photos can be more relaxed behind the scenes photos, customers love to see a dirty floor as much as a pristine bouquet of flowers 
  10. Take photos of every design or wedding bouquet or buttonhole that leaves your shop /studio. Use these on your social media pages on a regular basis.

Get out your camera and start taking photos of your Flower ARRANGEMENTS and show off your designs today.

Top Tip: Name every photo you save on your computer with descriptive text, read more about saving your photos here