What are the rules of flower arranging? 

These are our top 5 rules, but remember rules are there to be broken

1. Create what we call as the WOW factor

Choose one flower that your eye is immediately  drawn to in the floral display. This flower is normally positioned in a dominant /focal place/area in the display. 

2. Use SHAPES & TEXTURES throughout 

avoid using all the same shape flower like Germini and chrysanthemums. ( Roundy Flowers) Use a selection of different shape flowers eg.

Roses/Carnations for Round shapes

Lillie's /Iris /Lisianthus for Pointed shapes

Sunflowers and Blooms for Flat shapes

Use different textures and shapes in your foliage also

Eucalyptus, Ivy, Pittisporum, Silver Suzssex, Hebe, Euonymus,

3. Choose a varied different size flowers.

Your WOW flower should always be one of your larger blooms eg. Hydrangea, Lillies, Gerbera, Peonies, Blooms, Brassica

Your top or tall flowers should normally be slim narrow flowers eg. Gladioli, Lisianthus, Iris, Liatris,

And your supporting/compliment flowers would be of a more medium size eg: Roses, Germini, Iris, Carnations,Spray roses,

Your filler flower if required could be in a complimenting colour like Gypsophlia, Wax Flower, Statice, Sea Spray, Solidago, Mimosa, Solidaster,

4. Created recession or DEPTH  in your display.

Avoid flowers all being the exact same height so it creates a pudding bowl look.  Cut some flowers shorter and push lower down in foam to give a more 3D effect and also some flowers to spring out further than your imaginary line

5. Create some MOVEMENT in the display

Add movement using maybe twigs, or trailing ivy/grasses or loops of bear/ steelgrass, or decoration like medillino sticks /ting tings, or extra height with cordiline/flax leaves.  Curl leaves using your stapler to create movement with  your foliage or weaving  some of your leaves.

As a beginner what would be the basic requirements to get started ?

1 Selection of Flowers and Foliage

2. Containers of different sizes

3. Sharp Strong Scissors and a sharp Knife

4. Floral Foam or chicken wire

5. Wires gutta tape, Anchor Tapes