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Make Your Brooch Bouquet using our Distant Learning Kit Option 

Here is what is in your Brooch Bouquet Kit ?

Your Brooch Bouquet Kit includes EVERYTHING you need to make a standard Brides Brooch Bouquet.

Each Kit Includes

  • 30 Brooches in a colour of your choice,
  • Wires
  • Fabric for finishing off your bouquet 
  • Our secret ingredients that make out technique so easy to use. 
  • Comprehensive tutorial DVD demonstrating each step how to make a brooch bouquet
  • Step by step notes which include helpful tips and links.
  • Sample handmade fabric ribbon rose and some double sided satin to practice making these roses using the link provided.

Every past student of Kay's remain students of our school for life, this means you are always entitled to full back up and support from the tutors  if you ever need any help or advice in any aspect of the training you have received. 


cheap way to make a brooch bouquet easily

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Black alternative brooch bouquet


Blue Crystal Brooch Bouquet


To learn how to make your own brooch bouquet, You have a choice of Distant Learning Kit Options

Option 1 

This is our most popular choice as it includes everything you need to get started right away.   You will receive a selection of 30 brooches of appropriately 8 different styles in a colour of your choice.    

Option 2 

This option is suitable to those who may already have a collection of  brooches.                                       This Kit includes everything that Option 1 has but without the brooches  

Once you know how to make a Brooch Bouquet and  have completed your first Brooch Bouquet using our kit,  you can then avail of our advanced Brooch Bouquet trainingnotes free of charge.

Within these notes you will have all the instructions you need on How to make a Teardrop shape Brooch Bouquet, How to make a A Waterfall Style Brooch Bouquet and  how to make a Heart Shape Brooch Bouquet.

We will also send you on an instructional video link on How to make Fabric Ribbon Rose Bouquets.

Are you a Bride 2 B?

You can learn how to make your own Brooch Bridal Bouquet and then using these skills to design Bouquets for your bridesmaids and flower girls.

Classes in creating & designing brooch wedding bouquets are regularly held at our School and lasting about three hours, for more details on 1-2-1 Training brooch bouquet training


                                                 What Others Had to say about out Brooch Bouquet Kits 

Deborah Lake - Adelaide - South Australia - April 2014 Just letting you know that I received my order today. Everything arrived in perfect order. Thank you for the complimentary brooch, ribbon flower and ribbon, it was a lovely gesture. I will be adding it to my collection for my own Bridal Bouquet. I am so excited about getting started. I have to say, I am really glad I spent the extra money to purchase your kit as I was a little unsure about all the styrofoam type u-tube videos that were out there. I wanted to make a quality heirloom bouquet and once I had watched your DIY Tutorial I was over the moon and felt very confident I could do this and that my finished product was exactly what I wanted. Once again thank you so much for an outstanding product. Well worth the investment.

Joni Jonson - SC United States - May 2014 I always wanted to learn how to make Brooch Bouquets because I think they ere so beautiful. I tried learning on my own through " free videos" online that other people posted but the bouquets never looked professional and I would get frustrated. I spent a lot of money trying different things that did not work, then I found Kay's School of Floristry. I had already seen their beautiful bouquets and I was so happy to learn they had DISTANCE LEARNING KITS that you can purchase and learn to do at home. Now it has only been 6 months and I have started my home based business in S.C (United States) and it is growing. Anytime I have any questions I can email them and they are always their for me. I hope to take a trip to Ireland someday soon.

Kays School of Floristry are the only school sending out Brooch Bouquet Kits all over the world and achieving amazing results.  Students of all abilities, language and with learning disabilities have produced stunning wedding brooch bouquets using our kits.