Kay's Flower School 

in conjunction with

The National Organic Training Skillnet

are hosting

"Shouting Above The Crowd"

A Business Conference for Florists & Flower Shops & Floristry Students 

Sunday 10th June - 9am - The Hilton Hotel Kilmainham

We have been working on this day for quite a while. It is as a result of the questions/ enquiries/ requests we get from Florists, Flower Shops/ Floral Stylists and indeed our Floristry Students Past & Present that we have put together a day to help our fellow florists get noticed out there.  

Going forward Kay's Flower School will be offering courses specifically designed for florists in Facebook Marketing & Facebook Adds, Creating a Blog for Florists, Branding for Florists,  Instagram for Florists,Twitter & LinkedIn For Florists, Marketing and selling your Brand as a Florist. But on the 10th of June we will be giving you the Top Tips when using Facebook as a marketing tool for your business, Creating Blogs for your Business and muchmore.  See the full timetable of events below

Floral Moongate




All foliage Moongate


During the day any Floral designs made will be given to one of  those attending,  If you enter to win the Floral MoonGate, you will need a Small Van or a Car that the back seats that will fold flat, to bring it home. This Competition will be run through Instagram so make sure you have your Instagram Account set up.

Everyone Attending on the day will get a FREE Access Code to our Floral Moongate Tutorial

9am to 9.45am


Come early and network with fellow florists

9.45 Sharp 


Who can hear you?


Facebook for Florists

Deirdre will go through the main points of getting yourself noticed on Facebook


Janette will demonstrate the construction and decoration of a Floral MoonGate or Eternal Floral Arch. All Flowers for the Floral MoonGate have been sponsored by Central Floral Supplies.

Those attending will have the opportunity to win this completed Floral MoonGate and Frame (standing 7ft tall and take it home with you on the day.

The Competition will be run taking a Selfie with the Floral MoonGate and posting it to Instagram tagging @centralfloral and @KaysflowerSchool &  using the #Tag of the day.

Make Sure You Have An Instagram Account


Tea & Coffee Break

Time to mingle 


Philipa Jane Farley - BSc (Artificial Intelligence) LLB (IP and IT Law) Will talk us through GDPR  - (General Data Protection Regulation)from a Florist & Flower Shop point of view 


Deirdre will be back on stage talking about Blogging for Florists.  How to start your Flower Blog, Topics to write about as a florist, when to write about it, and how to write about it to get good SEO for your website.


Janette will be back on demonstrating a Supersize Arrangement  - All flowers for this arrangement are sponsored by Eirflowers Naas.

This Arrangement will also be won by someone attending and again you will need to get a selfie with the Arrangement and post it to Instagram tagging Eirflowers and @KaysFlowerSchool &using the #tag of the day


Lunch - Soup & Sandwiches / teas and coffee will be served


Flowery accountant

VAT for Florists - Carmel Seeryfrom  www.carmelseery.com will be explaining VAT specific for Florists.  If you are VAT registered or not you still need to understand how to charge VAT to your customers & what Vat can be reclaimed & how much VAT you have to pay to revenue at the end of the year.



Up-selling Wedding Flowers - Janette will discuss some simple techniques to up-sell to your Wedding Couples


A simplified technique to plan your stem count for weddings - Janette will show you how to plan exactly how many stems you need for a wedding order & how to gain the most out of your buying skills 


Rachel Cooperfrom Fleurametz will demonstrate the ordering of wedding flowers using the Fleurametz App



Questions & Answers

The Total Cost for the day is €150 or €115 for those eligible for funding  - Call Janette on 0862644472 for details 

Or Email Here To Book - info@nots.ie  All Bookings must go through NOTS

We are delighted that NOTS Skillnet have agreed to partially fund this Business & Networking Day by 25%  - Click on "I am eligible" button when you land on the bookings page, 

If you have any questions regarding this day or about the funding call Janette on 0862644472 or email info@flowerschoolireland.com


We are so excited to see you all, so many of you from so long ago have already booked tickets. 

We are looking forward to a very productive day

Janette & Deirdre 



For those of you who have attended our conference you will find all your downloadable material here using your Code 


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