How to Care For Tulips 



Care Tips For Tulips 

  • When deciding on a vase allow for the fact that the tulips will grow by a few centimeters in the vase. 
  • Your vase should be spotlessly  clean and filled it with fresh cold tap water flower food. 
  • There should be  no leaves  in the water so remove the bottom leaves. 
  • Cut 3 to 5 cm on an angel off the end of the stem.
  • Position your vase in a draught-free spot, cool location away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not place the tulips near fruit, since this will accelerate the ageing of the flowers.
  • Tulips drink lots of Water. Regularly check that there is plenty of water in the vase and top up with cold tap water when necessary.
  • If your tulips are droopy when you purchase them, wrap their heads in some brown paper, cut 2 cm from the end and place them in water to have a good drink for and hour or so.  This should bring them back up straight again.