Ranunculus as a Cut Flowers

A fabulous Spring Flower available abundantly from December to May but available from October to June.

Ranunculus are available in lots of colours – white, lemon, yellow, orange, gold, pink, peach, red and burgundy.  

They have a hollow stem so can be difficult to get into foam.

 They are beautiful in Wedding Handtied Bouquets but not ideal for buttonholes due to their soft stem



As with all fresh cut flowers Sterilised Buckets is the most important Tip for any florist or flower shop in prolonging the life of your cut flowers.



Top Tips for caring for Ranunculus professionally

  • Cut stems on an angle with a clean scissors and place in fresh cold water containing flower food.
  • Keep wrapped in Paper while they are having their first drink to stop the stems from curving too much.
  • Sometimes the flower can be top heavy so stem wiring will help support the head.
  • Like tulips, Ranunculas will curve towards the light
  • Ranunculas do not like to be misted as it can case their paper like petals to grow mildew.