Its Tulip Season and you want to get the
best from your Fresh Tulips

When purchasing the make sure the flower head is tucked down low  among the leaves, each day the tulips will continue to grow approximately the length of their head.  Buying them low down will give you these beauties fir a longer time.

Like most flowers cut your tulips ends by 3-4cm on an angle and place into fresh water with flower food to prolong their life and encourage the flower heads to open.

As tulips grow they can start to bend and angle towards the light and a heat source, wrapping them in paper will prevent this and give you straight if you need them to be straight for a particular arrangement or design.  Remove the paper after approximately 1 hour and now enjoy your tulips

Like most flowers do remove them from any plastic wrapping they may come in as this will make them sweat and cause a disease called Butritis.

It is not advisable to pierce a  pin head hole in the top of the stems, (old wives tale)  this will shorten the life of the flower and create a wound/hole and the flower can become infected.

Tulips will  tilt or angle towards sunlight or heat so avoid  these areas if you prefer to keep your tulips straight

Tulips continue to grow when placed in water and can grow up to a further 10 cm. If you are in a Flower shop, mention this to your customer as they are normally fascinated when they now take notice of the tulips growing in the vase of water


Fresh tulips can last up to 7 days depending on how fresh they were when purchased and the conditions they are stored in.


Sit back now and enjoy your tulips and watch them continue to grow !

 Professional Tips

What to look for when buying tulips 

  • Look at the Weight - The weight determines the tulip’s appearance. Large bulbs produce the heaviest tulips with the biggest flowers.
  • Look at the Ripeness - This stage of ripeness is expressed in numbers from 1 (unripe) to 5 (ripe).

Care tips for professionals 

  • Tulips can easily grow another 5 to 15 cm in the bucket. You can prevent them from growing too much by keeping them for a short period and in cool conditions. Place them on a shallow layer of water.
  • Tightly wrap tulips in paper to make them nice and firm and prevent them from growing crooked.
  • Work in clean and dry conditions: botrytis can easily affect these fresh, leafy flowers.
  • If you are using tulips in a bouquet or arrangement, allow for the growth spurt.
  • Avoid mixing Tulips with Daffodils immediately after just cutting them - Daffodils produce a sap on cutting that is toxic to most flowers.