Christmas Flower Online Program 

With A Bloom Room until 20th December

How does our Online Christmas Course Work?

Once you purchase this program, from the week 2nd of  November you will be able to access to our  Christmas 2020 Online Flower Program, this means you can start watching all the prerecorded Christmas Flower Tutorials for 2  Months

You will then be added to our Christmas Bloom Room, it is here where Janette will give you so many more tips and ideas, she will talk about how to market yourself coming up to Christmas.  Janette will talk about where you can buy sundries and materials to create amazing designs and make a profit,  You will have the opportunity here to ask Janette any questions relative to this course here also.  Janette will be on hand full time from 16th to 20th, after that she will be just checking in every so often.

The Bloom Room will run until 20th December, for all participants to chat and support each other. 

If you want  to earn  extra money this Christmas or if you  want to learn how to decorate your own home or indeed others homes or just want to expand your floristry skills  - This is the perfect program for you.


So what will you learn to Make

  • Small Christmas Mantle Piece Arrangements 
  • Large Christmas Mantle Piece Arrangements 
  • Door Swag In Foam
  • Door Swag Foam Free
  • Christmas Candle Table Arrangement 
  • A Foam Free Rope Garland for a staircase or table 
  • A Grave Mock HandTied Christmas Arrangement 
  • A Contemporary Christmas Design 
  • A hugeselection of Christmas Door Wreaths
  • Disney Minnie Mouse Christmas Wreath
  • Approx 8 Different Fresh Flower Designs 

In your Bloom Room we will cover

  • Trends and Ideas for Christmas 2020
  • Costing & Pricing Your Designs
  • Marketing yourself
  • Suppliers and Wholesalers 

I want to do it -How Do I Book My Place ?


How much does this course cost ?

The Program cost €250 which includes access to all the tutorials until 31st December, Access to our interactive Virtual Classroom (Bloom Room) until 20th December




Frequently asked questions

How Long have I Access to the prerecorded Christmas Tutorials?

You will have 2 months access from the 2nd November.

How Long is the Bloom Room?

The Bloom Room is for 5 days, after that it will be archived, you will still be able to watch and read any of the content in there but you wont be able to comment or post. 

Why is this workshop so early before Christmas?

We want you to have time to purchase in all the sundries etc you will need to make your designs.

Do I get a sundry kit as part of this course?

Yes you get a sundry kit which includes the makings of your Christmas Door Wreath Only 

Do we get a fresh flower / foliage delivery ?

No for this course there is no fresh delivery in this program, besides your fresh Christmas Wreath, however we give you the contacts where you yourself can buy all your Christmas foliage & Sundries.

Is there a Certificate for this course?

No this is not a certified program.

Do I need to do Homework and submit it??

No, there is no obligation to complete any of the designs, however you can post anything you make in the bloom room for feedback. 

Once I buy the program do i have to wait until my Bloom Room to ask questions?

We prefer if you focused all your questions and queries towards your Bloom Room, as depending on the questions asked Janette will do on live to answer them. 

What date will my wreath kit arrive?

Your wreath kit will arrive beforethe week of the 16th November 

Do I have to wait for my Kit to arrive before i can start ? 

No you will have access from November 2nd to all the pre- recorded tutorials so you can start planning your sales.

Is the Flowery Fun Group on Facebook a Bloom Room?

No, the flowery fun group is an open group to anyone from all over the works who love flowers.  It is a place to post anything flowery,   Unlike the Course Bloom Rooms, we do not give any commercial advice, trade secrets, or critique to any flower designs posted her.  It is what it says, a Fun Group.

I Live in the UK can I enroll on this course??

Yes you can and you will still receive your sundry wreath kit.

I live outside Ireland & The UK can I enroll on this course?

We can send the sundry kit to may parts of the world, but we are restricted with some.  Drop us an email here and we can let you know.  If we can send you the kits we offer you a substantial discount so you can still join in and learn new skills and ask questions in our Bloom Room

How long will my fresh door wreath sample last?

This is a fresh spruce door wreath and will last approx 3/4 weeks if kept in a cool place.  This wreath is intended to be your first sample, we recommend you take it apart and re make it different colours and decorations to  add to your portfolio.  

Can I choose the colour of my Sample Door Wreath?

No, we will randomly select colours so there will be a selection of photos of Door Wreaths in your bloom room.  We will give you full details if where you can buy all your sundries etc, to redecorate this many times over.

Can I buy the makings of another Door Wreath?

Yes you can over on our wreaths workshop page, they are from €75 + €15 P&P to Ireland and (€25 to the UK)

Can I buy the materials for the other Christmas Arrangements in the program from Kays?

We have some items for sale on the Floral Sundry Page, however, please note, we are not a wholesaler, if buying large quantities you will source your sundries much cheaper from any of the wholesalers listed in your notes.



Cancellation Policy

Once you have enrolled & accessed the Online Program you cannot  cancel this course.  If for some reason you can not complete watching the program in the time scale allocated, we can give you further time to watch any tutorials not yet watched. 


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Christmas Flower Workshop at Kays


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Hi Kay & Janette Just wanted to thank you both for the Christmas workshop last Friday-we really enjoyed it 
:-) Thanks a million and hopefully we'll be back to you in the New Year. Linda and Karen Cooney – Donegal 


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