Professional Floristry Training Program





Our Professional Floristry Training Program has been  developed to a CommercialFlower Industry Standard.  We are constantly consulting with Floral Designers and Florist Owners and investigating new trends and business development to ensure all our students leave us confident and capable of working within the commercial flower industry.

The Aim of this Floristry Training Course:

This Professional Level Floristry Training Certificate is to equip the learners with the knowledge and skills both practically  and theoretically to working in a the flower sector of their choice or indeed  running their own successful Flower Shop or Freelance Floral Event Service

Kay's Flower School is not connected or associated with any flower shop/ business or wholesaler.  We are an Independent Flower School, which allows us the privilege to be impartial and objective in allour training programs. 


Our Professional Floristry Training Program is divided into 4 Intensive PracticalModules.  Module dates are structured through out the academic year to allow students learn at their own pace and at times to suit their lifestyle.

Students will be expected to submit photo/video evidence of work they complete at home during the full course curriculum. 

Module 1,2 & 3 are each 4 days & Module 4 is 3 days bringing our Professional Floristry Course up to 15 Days Training.  Each day you will work with fresh flowers.  You will have full access to our Student Resource Section on our Website and also avail of our online tutorials.

The Professional Floristry Certificate Cost €2700 for those booking and paying in advance for the full Certificate.  You will also receive a Kay's Flower School Apron and Florist Scissors

(This offer is not valid with any other discount)

Alternatively you can choose to learn at your own pace, or only complete modules relative to the industry you plan to work in.  Individually Each Module is €700


Professional Floristry Training Program Curriculum - 15 days 


  • Commercial Floral Arrangements in Traditional Styles
  • Commercial Contemporary and Modern Style Flower Arrangements 
  • Foam and Foam Free Floral Designs
  • Traditional & Contemporary Style Wedding Flowers
  • Commercial Sympathy Floral Displays 
  • Large Floral Structures 
  • Handtied Bouquets of different styles and structure 
  • Choosing Flowers to suit all floristry styles and designs
  • Conditioning and handling of Fresh Flowers
  • Conditioning and Handling of Foliage
  • Examine the array of imported and home grown foliage that is commercially used.
  • Choosing sundries and accessories for the retail market.
  • Ordering Flowers direct from Overseas Floral Suppliers – Holland – (crucial timing of wedding flowers)
  • Opening accounts with Irish Fresh Flower Wholesalers
  • Opening trade accounts with Irish and UK Sundry floral Wholesalers
  • Costing your commercial floral designs
  • Calculating your retail pricing relative to industry standards.
  • Professional Consultation techniques for dealing with both Wedding Couples, Bereaved, Corporate Customers – Consultations forms/ contracts / deposits
  • Business Records – VAT / Record keeping /
  • Registering your business name
  • Effective Stock Control
  • Effective sales techniques
  • Marketing & Promoting yourself as a Florist
  • Effective Branding & Printing advice
  • Developing an online presence through social media
  • Developing a relationship with both online and paper media.
  • Networking for your business
  • Preparing your portfolio for Wedding Work / Sympathy Work / Corporate
  • Building relationships with Undertakers / Wedding Shops / Restaurants etc
  • Collaborating with influencers and Bloggers
  • Planning for photo shoots
  • Styling and Events – Rental Contracts and Running Sheets
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace for you and your staff
  • Shop Location and Shop layout & point of sales
  • Creating an effective Business Plan
  • Preparing for Wedding Fairs or Markets stands
  • Teamwork in a flower shop
  • A day in the life of a Florist- dealing with deliveries, orders etc
  • Floral Mechanics for bespoke designs & large structures


All students of Kay's are always students of Kay's and we are always here to support you throughout your floristry career should you need advice and assistance with any aspect of floristry