Commercial Flower Arranging & Floristry Courses 

 I want to work in a flower shop, what  commercial flower courses do Kay's Flower School offer? 

Commercial Flower Arranging Certificate Course

This is the foundation flower course for anyone thinking of a career in Floristry or the floral design industry.  This course will teach you the fundamental of flower arranging and the beginning steps to setting up your own flower business.  Over the 4 days you will make seven different flower arrangements using traditional/ modern and contemporary techniques.  Read the full syllabus here 

Intensive Sympathy Floristry  Certificate & Presentation Hand Tied Bouquets 

Funeral Flowers and sympathy tributes are the bread and butter of any flower business.  This module is essential to anyone looking to work or gain work experience in a flower shop. You will learn how to make an array of professional funeral & floral  tributes.  Included in this module is also designing  your own flower-shop, stock control, dealing with undertakers, marketing and selling your floristry skills. 

Beginners Bridal Floristry Certificate Course  

An introduction to the world of weddings and Bridal Flowers.  This module will see you learn how to do an array of different style wedding bouquets suitable for both Brides & Bridesmaids, buttonholes,  corsages & flower girls accessories.  On completion of this Beginners Bridal Course,  we would be confident  in your knowledge & skills that you would be able to design the flowers for a small wedding. 

Hotel & Event Floral Design Certificate 

Bring your Bridal Floristry skills to the next level.  This Advanced Wedding Flower Course is suitable for those who have a  knowledge flower arranging.  During this course you will also learn how to decorate any venue using  flowers.  Table Garlands, Arches, Topiary Trees, Candelabras are just some of the designs covered on this module.


Our flower courses are completely hands on, you do most of the work under the guidance of your Qualified Tutor.  The Flower Arrangements you make are all yours to take home and the only thing you need to bring to the flower school with you  is a Florist Scissors, a Camera & a notepaper and pen.  You will be supplied with comprehensive course notes for each module so as to keep note-taking to the absolute minimum. 


What is Commercial Floristry?

Commercial Floristry is working with flowers for the love of them but mostly as a business to make money.

  • Knowing how to cost flowers going into an arrangement or a wedding bouquet.
  • Knowing what retail price to charge for your design ensuring your costs are covered and you make a profit
  • Knowing the quantity of flowers you need to buy 
  • Knowing the quantity of flowers you have to buy
  • Knowing at what stage you need to buy certain flowers and how this can change depending on the season
  • Knowing when flowers are in season and at their best price, 
  • Knowing when flowers are out of season and not available or are available but at a very expensive price
  • Knowing what arrangements or designs suits what containers
  • Knowing what type of floral decoration is best suited to a certain venue or occasion
  • Knowing how long flowers will live in different environments
  • Knowing how to deal with all the emotions of your customers without appearing to be selling or pushy 
teaching flower Arrangments


Blue Flower Arrangement of Iris & Lizianthus

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Kays Flower School is proud to be now recognised as Ireland's leading commercial flower arranging and floristry school.    Over 80% of Flower Shops in Ireland have come through our school at some stage in their training.