Course Calendar & Upcoming Flower SchoolDates


Below is our Upcoming Flower Course Dates - if you wish to book a particular Module please email or call 08626444723


Module 1 - Beginners Floristry Certificate 

  • November Friday 17th to Monday 20th  - Booked up
  • December Monday 11th to Thursday 14th 
  • January 2018 Friday 12th to Monday 15th
  • January 2018 Monday 29th to Thursday 1st Feb

 Module 2  Beginners/ Intermediate Floristry Certificate 

  • December Monday 4th to Thursday 7th 
  • February 2018 Friday 2nd to Monday 5th

Module 3  - Intermediate / Advance Floristry Certificate 

  • February 2018 Monday 26th to Thursday 1st March

Module 4 - Advance Floral Design Certificate 

  • November Friday 10th to Sunday 12th 
  • January Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th
  • March 2018 Monday 12th - Wednesday 14th

Floral Arch & Floral Pillar Workshop - 1 Day

  • November - Sunday 12th
  • January 2018 - Saturday 20th 
  • March 2018 - Wednesday 14th

1-2-1 Training Class can be arranged on a date to suit and takes approx 3 hours.  This training is elegible for Skillnet Funding of €160 off your training - this 1-2-1 training includes your floral arch frame that you can take home with you.

Presentation Hand-Tied Bouquet Workshop 

  • December Friday 1st
  • December Monday 4th
  • February 2018 Friday 2nd

Two day Event, Ceremony & Reception Floral Decoration (No Arch) 

  • November Friday 10th & 11th - Booked up
  • January 2018 - Thursday 18th & Friday19th

Christmas Flower Arranging Workshop - 1 Day 

  • November Thursday 23rd
  • November  Friday 24th - Booked Out
  • November Saturday 25th - Booked Out 
  • November Sunday 26th - Booked Out 

Christmas Workshop is a One Day Workshop where you will make 3 different Christmas Displays which are all yours to bring home,  full details here.


Evening Christmas Holly Wreath Workshop

December Thursday 7th-7pm - 8.30pm 

Brooch Bouquet 1-2-1 Training Workshop 

This workshop is delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, call today to book a time that suits you

This workshop can be delivered, morning, evening or weekends.

For those traveling from the UK we can organize around your flight times


Kay's Flower Arranging Courses are totally hands-on training.  You will make your designs under the guidance of our tutors.  Everything you make is yours to take home .