Course Calendar & Upcoming Flower School Dates


Below Is Our Upcoming Online  Flower Program Dates - If You Wish To Book A Particular Module Please Email Info@Flowerschoolireland.Com Or Call 0862644472


Some of our modules have limited funded places available for up to 25% - email us here for eligibility 


Module 1 - Professional Floristry Online Program

Start Dates for our Online Program

  • September 14th - Flower Delivery 23rd September - Closing Date 6th August
  • November 9th - Flower Delivery 18th November - Closing Date 2nd November 


 Module 2  Professional Floristry Online Program

  • October 12th - Flower Delivery 21st October  - Closing Date 5th September 


Module 3  - Professional Floristry Online Program - Wedding and Bridal Floristry


  • September 14th - Flower Delivery 23rd Sept - Closing Date 7th September



Module 4 - Advanced Event & Hotel Floral Decor

  • October 12th - Flower delivery 21st October - Closing Date 3rd October 


Christmas Flower Arranging Online Workshop 2022

November 1st 2022 - Online tutorials and 4 week interactive Bloom Room 

December 3rd 2022 - Live Christmas Door Wreath Making Class - 1pm - Templeogue Area