I have had to close my shop because of Covid 19 what should I do


This is such unchartered territory for everyone, and the importance of supporting each other at this time is crucial. Reach out to fellow florists in the same situation.

  1. Give yourself permission to feel. You don’t need to be super wo/man all the time.  But with the support of your fellow florists it will help you to stay positive and keep your spirits up
  2. Start Planning for the future, plan on how your business might change moving forward. Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Make a list of all the things you plan to do, then prioritize how you can and will do these.
  3. Don’t stop selling and marketing your business, you need to stay visible
  4. Invest in yourself now that you have a little more time
  5. Learn how to use Zoom for Consultations, it may be the way forward that will in fact become the norm
  6. Join some networking groups
  7. Learn how to use online surveys that you can learn to design a pre-questionnaire for future weddings asking the relevant questions you wish to know before a consultation
  8. Now is the time to learn about the dirty stuff as we call it … HR / PR / Accounting etc  as an entrepreneur it is important to have a knowledge of this that is relevant to your business.  You do not need to know it all, just what is relevant to your business.
  9. You could use this time to upskill your floristry skills by enrolling on online courses.
  10. As we say here at the school, you never stop learning , and the day you think you know it all, give it up ?

Stay Safe – Stay Social – Stay Apart – Support Together