How to create content for my flower Shopwebsite

What is Content?

Content in information, it can be in any format, Video, Audio or text, but for best result why not have the same content spread across all formats.


Firstly you need to decide what topic you wish your flower content to be about.

This in itself can be so difficult for a “non-blogger” or content creator.  But we are all content creators, we do it every day, we answer our customer’s questions every day, we answer our staff’s questions every day, we answer our own questions every day.  To create content we just need to write the answer to these questions down. 

Here are some questions I’m sure as a florist you hear on a regular basis.

  • Do I need to water this floral arrangement?
  • Do I need to put feed into my bunch of flowers I have just bought?
  • Why do roses heads sometimes droop over?
  • What type of arrangement should I get for my office that will last a long time

So, looking at these questions how can you create content??  It can be a simple as this!!!

  • 9 ways to keep your bunch of flowers fresh
  • 5 things you can do to make your flowers last longer
  • How to keep your roses in the best condition
  • 7 flowers that are ideal for an office arrangement

TIP: Notice the Headings “How To” is one of the most googled phrases and using irregular numbers make a heading more interesting and encourages people to click on your flower content – “7” being the top clickable choice

Now you have your heading, start writing how you would answer this question to your customer but keep in mind your heading (key words) and use this throughout you blog as much as you can to maker your flower content relevant.

If you include photos in your content, name the images relevant to the heading of the blog – ie a photo of a jug of water, name this image “fresh water will keep your flowers alive longer” or a photo of a cymbidium “cymbidium are an ideal flower for an office arrangement “

Include a video of you explaining the 5 things they can do to make their bunch of flowers last longer, this can be uploaded to your YouTube channel and the link imbedded in your blog.  If you don’t know how to imbed it, just include a link to your You tube channel.

So now the next time someone comes into your shop and asks about prolonging the life of their flowers, you can give them the answer as you always do, but now you can also tell them you have lots of free tips and advice like this on your website and on your you tube channel. 

On a day in your shop when you don’t have much to post on social media you can post the link to one of these pieces of content or blog posts, posts like this can be re-posted over and over again year after year.

Why would you go to this bother you may ask?

Writing content for your business demonstrates your expertise to anyone who visits your website, having relevant content that someone might look for and resulting in them landing on your website because of it,  immediately tells google you are relevant.

Organic traffic is traffic that finds its way to your website without you sending them there, ie they didn’t use your web address, they googled a questions and goggle found the answer on your website. This type of traffic is what builds your relationship with google and makes google show your website above someone else. 

Once you get started you will realise how easy it is to write about something that you are very knowledgeable about, something you love, something that you do and talk about every day of the week 

So off you go and start writing content for your flower shop website 

Deirdre xxx