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Emma Cunningham is getting Married !!!


Emma Cunningham got engaged
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That was the email we got from the Gorgeous Emma from Debenhams Ireland.   Back in August Emma dropped us an email telling us she and Warren had just gotten enganged and were planing on getting married 8 weeks later in Vagas. We were nearly as excited as she was as we talked about her wedding bouquet she would bring with her.

Emma decided she was going to have her Hens Party from all her Family and Friends who would not be at the wedding in the Raddisson Hotel on Golden Lane on  Sunday 6th September .  

Emma's Mum sent out the invitations asking all of her guests to bring along a piece of jewelry.  Jewelry of any kind, colour style would be welcome .  Out of all these pieces Emma was going to make her own Wedding Brooch Bouquet. 


The Jewels Arrived

What an array of beautiful Jewelry was brought along by Emma's family and friends.  There was very old sentimental jewelry belong to Emma's Grandparents, Aunts, Cousins and Friends.  Each piece had their own story to tell and there was a lot of reminiscence on the night.  Stories of past and future brought tears to many an eye. 

Emma's sister Hannah brought also feathers for the Bouquet as she knew Emma's love of feathers and at towards the end of the evening Hannah surprises Emma by gifting her one of her Chanel earrings she was wearing as she wanted something of her to be with Emma on her special day .

Emma's Mum brought the gold bracelet her mum had given her on the morning of her wedding to be included in Emma's Bouquet. 


Bride Making her Brooch Bouquet


Wedding Brooche for a Brooch Bouquet


helping to make a Brooch Bouquet


With Presecco flowing and everyone in high spirits all the guests were shown how to wire the brooches they had brought and all the other brooches we had brought along too.  

This was a wonderful new experience for all involved. 


Mother and Daughter at Kays Flower School


Brooch Bouquet Making hens party


Once all the prep work was done we then got Emma to start assembling her Wedding Bouquet.  Emma decided that each person should put into the Bouquet the Brooch or piece of Jewellry that they brought with them and got photos of everyone adding their piece.  Again there was may a tear shed at this very sentimental emotional time of the evening.  


Making a Brooch Bouquet


Sisters making a Brooch Bouquet


Emma was thrilled with her Finished Bouquet and was delighted with how all her family and friends had contributed to the making of it. 

Emma with her Wedding Brooch Bouquet


Wedding Bouquet of Memories at Kays Flower School


Heirloom Wedding Bouquet at Kays Flower School


Emma Cunningham Debenhams Ireland


Bouquet Making at Radisson Blue Hotel


If you are interested in Booking Kay's Flower School for your own Hen Party Event to either learn to decorate a wedding venue with flowers or to make your own Wedding Brooch Bouquet call us today on 01 453 86 49 or email 


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