Floral Head Garlands and Flower Crowns ideal for Flower Girls, Bridesmaids, Brides & First Holy Communion. 

Floral Head Crowns are part of the syllabus of our Advanced Bridal Course Day , or as part of a Wedding Flower Workshops. 

Fairy Crown of  Dendrobium & Gyp

Pink Rose Bridal Flower Crown

Floral Garland of Germini & Gyp 

Pink Floral Head Garland


Artificial Floral Head Garland 

First Communion Head Dress of Dendrobium & Gyp 


Autumnal Head Garland of Cymbicium, Leaves and Berries

authumnal Head garland at kays flower school

Head Garland of Mini Spray Pink Roses 

pink rose bridal head garland


Flower HeadGarland of  Gerbera & Gyp 

Germini Floral Crowns

 White Floral Fairy Crown

Communion Flower Crowns


Fun Festival Flower Crowns 

Festival Flower Crowns

Germini & Chrysanthemum Head Crown  

Pink Festival Head Garland


Pink Rose & Gyp  Head Garland 

Pink Rose & Gyp Floral Crown

Red & White Floral Crown 

Red & White Festival Flower Crown