Wedding Trend  2019 

The Floral Moongate

Chinese people always associate a full moon with a happy life. This meaning can be found within a traditional Chinese garden architectural element called the “moon gate.” This characteristic moon-like door not only indicates a good wish for joy and happiness.

It is said that a Wedding Couple to step through a MoonGate will bring them undeniable happiness.



You can learn to make a Moongate easily now with our Step by Step Online Tutorial for only $99


The Online tutorial will teach you how to Construct the Frame for the MoonGate that is simple to assemble, simple to construct, simple to transport and simple to transport. 

Our Flower MoonGate design can be made off site prior to your event taking the pressure off you. Can be transported in 4 sections and assembled onsite.  




Floral Moongate


Moon Arch of fresh flowers