Frequently Asked Questions




Meet Janette and she will answer some of your questions about training as a florist at                     Kay's Flower School

What makes Kay's Flower School different from other Flower Schools?

We are the only fully commercial flower school in Ireland dedicated to training florists.  We are not affiliated to any shop, wholesaler or retail outlet, so we can give you solely independent advice on all aspects of floristry without any conflict of interest.

Can I get funding for Kay's Flower School's Flower Courses

Yes you can get funding through a few different channels for our courses, drop us an email and we will send you on the relative paperworks.  Funding is depending on your personal circumstances.   

Can I get work experience whilst training.

We encourage all our students who have completed Module 1 2 & 3 to apply for work experience in a flower shop or studio.  We have a number of Flower Shops all over Ireland willing to take our students on work experience.

I have booked my course what do I need to know?

Flower attract nice people and you are guaranteed to meet lovely people on your course.  Most people arrive alone and are a bit nervous, but by the end of the Module they are usually swapping phone numbers and details. 

I want to open my own flower shop, can I do that once I have completed the flour modules?

Although we have had quite a few students do that and have built up very successful business, it is not what we would recommend for everyone.  We would recommend that you gain some commercial experience in a flower shop or studio first.  Although we can teach you a huge amount about the flower business, there is nothing like being on the floor and learning too.

When I finish my training and I get stuck some day what can I do?

Once you are a student of Kay's Flower School, you are part of an elite group of florists, not matter how long it is since you trained with us, we are always here to offer you support.  Our backup support service is fundamental to our training and you never need to feel alone or stuck 

What do I need to bring with me?

We advise you to bring a camera, notebook and pen, poly pockets/ A4 Plastic sleeves, a packed lunch or there are shops local to buy a sandwich. 

 What should I wear?

Warm layers in the winter time as we keep the heat to a minimum to prolong the life of the flowers but it can still get warm when you begin working, so a cardigan that can be removed is a good idea.  Comfortable shoes as you will spend some of the time standing whilst working.

Will I need to take lots of notes?

NO. Full comprehensive notes are supplied which will guide you through the course step by step, there may be some notes to take from the board, but these will be there all day or indeed you can photograph them for your notebook.

English is not my first language and I am concerned I won’t remember or be able to pronounce the names of the flowers and so is this course suitable for me?

This is a concern of many of our students, but it is only with working and handling flowers that you will remember their names, we will also help you with a few word association tricks, but we guarantee that you will be able to name and identify a great variety of flowers once you have completed the course.  As long as you have a good understanding of the English Language you will be well able to participate in the courses.

Can I Video the class?

We do not allow the use of Videos, Dictaphones etc. during class.  We request that  Mobile Phones are turned to silent  or turned  off during class of facilitate the learning of all our students, we offer 100% support during and after your training and encourage you to photograph all the designs created during the course.

Do I have to sit an exam, if so I will be very nervous?

Yes most people are nervous at the thoughts of sitting an exam, there’s no need to worry, because by the time you have completed each module you will have an excellent knowledge of floristry and floral design and the test at the end of each module is simple true or false answers.

I have some reading and writing difficulties, would these courses be suitable for me?

Floristry and Flower Arranging is a practical hands on skill, however there are some theoretical aspects of the course.  If you have reading difficulties, (please make tutor aware before you commence course) your tutor will ensure that you are comfortable and informed throughout the course.  Any notes or diagrams may be photographed from the board.

I am retired from my lifelong job and looking to do something different, what age group would be the average on your classes?

We can have a very diverse group of students on each class, we have had a student who celebrated her 80th Birthday with us on our Module 1 Flower Arranging Course, and we have had students who are early school leavers.  We have never had a student who felt “out of place “on our course because of their age. A career in floristry has no age barriers you just need to love flowers

I am travelling from outside of Dublin and I’m not familiar with Dublin City centre?

You do not need to travel  right into the city centre to reach the school as we are situated on The South Circular Rd, accessible either from the M50, M4 or Naas Road.  The majority of our students travel to our school from outside Dublin and we can direct you from any of the main motorways or junctions coming into Dublin.  We are very centrally located with ample parking on the roads surrounding the school. See our Location page here 

I'm looking for Accommodation can you recommend places to stay?

We have a list of different kinds of accommodation here for you to choose from to suit different requirements and different needs.

I want to book a course, what do I do next?

Once you have decided to enroll on any of our courses it is important to either ring or email us with your preferred date immediately (to check availability)  We will then contact you and let you know f there is availability on your desired course.  Once we confirm an available place it is important to send on a non-refundable booking fee of €200 to confirm your booking or you can pay your booking fee here .  Places on all our courses are only confirmed on receipt of the relevant booking fee.  Once we receive your booking fee we will either text or email you a receipt to confirm your booking.

How do I pay for my course?

The balance of your fees are due on the first morning of your course by cash only or we accept cheques seven days prior to your course starting or by bank transfer or by PayPal prior to your start date.  We do not have card facilities at the school.   

Do I need to purchase  anything else?

You must provide your own scissors.  We do advise that at some stage you purchase a Florist Scissors, however, a good quality kitchen scissors will be suffice for module 1.  We do have florist scissors for sale in the school for €19.  All your sundries and materials are included in your course fees however for those who may wish to start practicing from home we so sell a selection of sundries in smaller quantities than the wholesalers at wholesale prices to help get you started.

Will I bring any arrangements / designs home?

On all our courses you bring home your own designs and also some of the designs you may had worked on as a group.  It is important that you think about this when deciding on your mode of transport for the final day of your course as you could have 2-7 creations to bring home with you.

 The Floristry Industry: What is Commercial Floristry?

Commercial Floristry or Commercial Flower arranging is the ability of using flowers to their best advantage to make a display or arrangement more profitable.

Q: Does a commercial florist need to have excellent business skills? 

A: A certain amount of business skills would be required if you wished to open your own florist shop.

Q: Does a commercial florist need good communication skills? 

A: You need to be able to interact with customers, be sensitive to the needs, emotions, and have an ability to put people at ease.  Being good at sales is always an advantage but your reputation as a florist can sell your business more through word of mouth

Q: What is the difference between flower arranging and floristry? 

A: Flower Arranging involves designing flowers in Oasis (Floral Foam) in baskets and various containers. Floristry is the skill of knowing how to make professional bridal bouquets and sympathy tributes

Q: Is a Florist work easy and is there heavy lifting involved? 

A: Working in a florist shop is not an easy job, boxes of flowers and some arrangements can weigh very heavy, although floristry is very enjoyable, there are very happy and sad days in a florist business.

Q: Do you need to be creative to become a florist?

A: A Commercial Florist must aim to be creative, imaginative, be aware of design, and have an eye for colour

Q: If I do all four modules will I be qualified to open a flower shop?

A: Although many students have opened shops before finishing their courses, Kay's recommends students obtain work experience in a florist shop first

Q: Does every student want to open a Florist Shop?

A: Many students enrol in our courses to become involved in the floral industry, or they may want to work from home, whilst others want to be able to arrange flowers for their own personal pleasure and satisfaction. Whatever the reason, you will be delighted with what Kay’s Flower School can offer you. Our floral design classes will teach you hundreds of floristry tips of the trade, and they receive expert advice throughout each course.

Q: Are there local B&Bs or a Hotel near the school?

A: Below is a list of local accommodation that is easy accessed from the school

Ethan House, 531 South Circular Road. Kilmainham Dublin 8. Tel 01 4537639. Is a few minutes walk to Kay's School of Floristry and short bus ride or Luas into the City Centre.

Inishowen Guest House, 199 South Circular Rd. Dublin 8. Tel 01 4536272, is close to  the city centre,  National Boxing Stadium and a short bus ride or walk to Kay's School.

Portland House ,555 South Circular Road Kilmainham Dublin 8. Tel: 01 4548720  Hilton Dublin Kilmainham is fifteen minutes walk from Kay's School of Floristry. Dublin 8, Ireland   Tel: 01 4201800

Maldron Hotel Smithfield Dublin Te (0)1 485 0900 is only a 10 minute journey on the LUAS also 5 mins from Heuston train station 

Best Western Ashling Hotel Parkgate Street,Dublin 8. Tel : 01 677 2324 (beside Heuston Station) a 5-minute journey on the LUAS tram brings you to the city centre and lively Temple Bar.

The hotel is near to the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin Zoo and the Phoenix Park. The LUAS tram passes right by the door and the Airlink bus operates directly from Dublin Airport to Heuston Station. Guinness Storehouse