Having an amazing website is not just enough, You need to have it

optimised to be found on google.  

 Here are some Top Tips to make sure you website is found on Google 


1. Most customers will look for a local florist to send flowers, so it is really important to have your business listed on Google My Business .  By doing this you will also  beadded into the Google Map Searches. Google Map results show at the top of most location based searches.

2. This may sound silly, but double check your phone number and address are on your website and are correct

3. Create landing pages for each are of your business and ensure prices and products advertised are available and at the correct price displayed. If you are using products similar to previous years, change the text descriptions and maybe the photo location.

4. Include text on your specific page, Google loves relevant content, don’t over pack with key words or phrases, use text as you would normally say it and include your keyword phrases. Example:- “We deliver Bouquets and Arrangement for Valentine’s Day in Dublin from our City Centre Florist”

5. Make sure you name each photo correctly that you add to your website, search engines can’t see photos, an example being "bouquet of pink roses for mothers day" "white wedding bouquet of roses and gyp from Mays Flower Shop"

6. On  specific event days add specific products to your home page.  For Valentines Day add a bouquet of valentine roses to your home page and link that to your Valentines Day Page on your website.  The name of the photo is "bouquet of red roses delivered for valentines day"

7. Every page you have can be read by Google and potentially listed,  

8. If you are using social media to market your shop, direct traffic to your unique landing page, customers don’t like to have to click around to find what they are looking for , so bring them where they need to be directly.

9. If you don't have social media pages, get them now!!

10. Make sure to use you Key Words and Phrases in your text without appearing spammy.  When writing your product names use “Valentines”  in the name of the product. Example:- “Red Rose Valentine Bouquet”

11. Your website is a window to your shop, and google is always looking in the window. Don't let your window go stale, keep it refreshed and relative. But don't try to trick google, it doesn't like it.