How Covid 19 Changed

Kay's Flower School


It arrived like a Train and is leaving us like a snail, but the effect it has had on all businesses has been profound.

We delivered our last classroom based class on Wednesday 12th March.  Closing the door as we thought for a couple of weeks, we made plans to paint the school, organise shelves and update our website. 

It wasn't long before we realised we may not be able to open for a few months, and postponed all our courses until September.  But as more and more information came out and restrictions were raised, we knew in our heart of hearts that we may not be able to run courses in the school for a very long time, due to social distance and the size of the classroom we thought our business was gone for good.

We licked our wounds for a few days and then gave each other a big kick in the ass, brushed ourselves off and decided we would not be beaten by Covid.  We had talked for a few years about transferring our Commercial Courses onto our online platform, so what better time than now to do it.

We were back with a pep in our step as we opened the classroom door with a plan.  Not entirely sure if it would be something that would be in much demand, not entirely sure how much work it would take, not entirely sure if we could finance it .... we just went for it.

Behind the scenes when Filming 



In the following weeks both of us embarked in training courses, learning how to work remotely, how to market online courses, editing courses, zoom courses and so much more whilst recording the tutorials for our online Module 1.  Its was grueling and lots of blood sweat and tears and a few swear words too.

After approx 6 weeks of working 12-14 hour days, Module 1 Professional Online Floristry Certificate Program was launched on the night we celebrate the school being in business 33 years.  The feedback was phenomenal, we had opened a new market, we had people from all corners of Ireland call us about booking on as they had always wanted to train with us but couldn't travel.  We opened a new audience in the United Kingdom also.

As I'm writing this blog in June 2020, we are just coming out of lockdown, we are just ready to launch our Module 2 Professional Online Floristry Certificate Program and we are so proud of what we have achieved.

We have started working on Module 3 and eventually will get to Module 4.  It is a completely new way of training for us and the school has become a packing factory as we get a system of packing all the students kits to send out all the sundries.

We have still a huge amount of work to do, but we are getting there and we cannot thank all our past students for their never ending support and our families for stepping up and believing in us every day.

Covid 19 has had a deadly impact on so many businesses, but it gave us the kick to move online and reinvent Kay's Flower School.   We do hope at some stage to go back to classroom based classes, but for now, we will see you online 

Janette & Deirdre