Do You Want To Become A Florist?

Are you currently in a job and want to change your career direction and do something you love? 

Doing something you love and make money out of it, what more could you ask for?

The flower industry is gaining more and more sales each year. You could be part of it. Become a florist. Do something that you actually like.

Owning your own Flower Shop or Freelance Florist Business can be both rewarding and very satisfying, but like all business it requires hard work and dedication.

As a florist you touch peoples emotions with flowers, your flowers are there when they celebrate important moments and events in their lives, both happy ones and sad ones.

You also get the opportunity to use your own creativity and design

At Kay's School of Floristry we would always advise any budding florist to start of small, maybe working from home on a commercial basis, working in a flower shop, or working alongside a freelance florist before thinking about opening their own business. 

Before opening your flower shop you should consider all the financial and time requirements.  remember the hours can be irregular, it can be cold in a flower shop in the winter time and you will have to lift heavy buckets of water. 

Some Requirements To Be

  • A florist needs to have a good personality, be pleasant, have empathy patience and portray yourself as approachable.
  • You need to love working with flowers, if you do, nothing in your course of work as a florist will make you feel that it is a job.
  • You need to have some creativity. Anyone can arrange flowers to make a bouquet but how are your designs different from other florists? Customer want quality and exclusivity.  Their arrangements must feel unique to them. 
  • You have to have an eye for colour, and what works well together. Your arrangement can be creative but with bad color combination, the whole arrangement looks bad. 
  • A florist must be able to stir a customer in the right direction. You should know what to offer your customers and what they need. Good selling techniques is an essential skill for a florist too.
  • Last but not least, you also must understand the urgency if a customer requests it. If  customer order at the very last minute, you must make the deadline.  A customer will member you doing this for them and return to you.

Some Responsibilities As A Florist

  • Unpacking of stock when the shipment arrives.
  • Conditioning the flowers.
  • Filling and sterilizing buckets of water.
  • Watering & caring for plants.
  • Fix pricing of products.
  • Attend to customers who walk-in
  • Answer and take phone orders
  • Take orders accurately.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and attractiveness of the shop.
  • Managing money that goes in and out.
  • Making arrangements to sell and display at the shop.

These are just some of the main responsibilities as a florist.

Other Florist techniques

Besides flower arranging, a florist also need to acquire other useful skills, like...

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