You Have Just Received A Fabulous Bouquet Of Quality Roses And What To Know What To Do To Them To Make Them Last Longer.

Here Are The Top Tips For Your Rose Care




  1. Remove any plastic wrapping from flowers - Flowers release a gas called Ethylene Gas, this ripens your roses faster, so if left in plastic your roses will ripen and die faster.

    Cut at least  1-2 inches / 2-5 cm of the end of each stem. Cut on a 45 degree angle as this will allow a bigger hole for flowers to take up water - Once cut your flowers wills tart to suck water.

  2. Remove all leaves from the bottom of the stem approx. 30 cm. There should be no leaves in the water and this will cause bacteria to grow quicker. 
  3. Flowers store away from direct sunlight, drafts, and extreme temperatures will survive and look at their best longer.
  4. Avoid Flowers being stored or displayed near Fresh Fruit and vegetables as the ethylene gas from the fruit will make your flowers ripen faster
  5. Avoid placing Flowers near windows or areas of direct sunlight as flowers will die more quickly.
  6. Avoid packing the flowers to tight into your vase as they like to have some space.
  7. Fill your vases a minimum of 30 cm of cold water. Cold water has more oxygen in it so this will help to prolong the life of your flowers. 

  8. Add the recommended dose of flower food to the fresh water, this will be detailed on the sachet of flower food provided by your florist. If you have no flower food add ¼ teaspoon of domestos bleach and 1 teaspoon
    of sugar. This will act to inhibit bacteria growing and nourish your flowers
  9. Change the water after 5 days if you have added Flower food or 3 days if you haven’t.
  10. Remove any dead, damaged or wilting leaves or blooms, as these will spread bacteria and cause the other flowers to mature quicker 
  11. Wash the vase thoroughly with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly once your flowers have died.