How to get Peonies to open fast 





When your peonies arrive in from the wholesalers,  their buds are like tight golf balls and depending on the weather can take 4 -6 days to open to full bloom,  unfortunately not all the blooms will open together and if you need them today for a bridal bouquet beloware some tips to help them open fast.



HowTo Condition Peonies

  • Remove all Foliage that will not be needed.
  • Cut the stem on a sharp angle to open as large a hole as possible.
  • Place in Quick Dip as per instructions and the transfer to a bucket of fresh cold water.
  • Store on a cool dark room until ready to display or use.



I need to get my peonies open fast, what should I do??

  • Remove all Foliage that will not be needed.
  • Cut the stem on a sharp angle and repeat this every 4 hours.
  • Place stems is a vase of tepid water containing  flower food  
  • Keep the flowers in a warm bright room to encourage them to open

Im panicking, I need my peonies open tomorrow, what can I do??

  • Cover the peonies with a large plastic bag to seal in the ethylene gas to encourage them to open faster.
  • Tape Ripe Bananas to the side of the bucket, to add more ethylene gas.


Its the day of the wedding and some peonies are still not open, what can I do? 

  • Fill a large bowl or vase with tepid water and place the peonie head directly into the water for 10 - 15 seconds - do this every 1-2 hours and you should see the bids begin to open
  • If your situation is critical and you need the buds open NOW, hold the head in the water and gently swish and twist the flower - you will begin to see air bubbles as the flower begins to open 


peonie bouquet in white


To quote a student of mine, she said "peonies are like the ugly duckling of flowers, they start of quite ugly and blossom into a stunning beauties