How to get Peonies to open fast 

Peonies are native to Asia, Southern Europe and Western North America.  They range in colour  from deep red and light pink to peach, yellow and white. They have a relatively short blooming season, peaking from late spring through early summer, which makes them all the more sought after.

When your peonies arrive in from the wholesalers,  their buds are like tight golf balls and depending on the weather can take 4 -6 days to open to full bloom,  unfortunately not all the blooms will open together and if you need them today for a bridal bouquet here are some tips to help them open fast.

  • Remove all Foliage that will not be needed.
  • Cut the stem on a sharp angle to open as large a hole as possible.
  • Place is a vase of tepid water with flower food  
  • Cut the stems every 4-6 hours and place back into the water 
  • Keep the flowers in a warm bright room to encourage them to open
  • Cover with a plastic bag and seal in the ethylene gas to encourage them to open faster.
  • Place in a dark cool room and add ice to the water to slow down the opening process 

On the day before the wedding some of the buds still have not opened

Fill a large bowl or vase with tepid water and place the peonie head directly into the water for 10 - 15 seconds - do this every 1-2 hours and you should see the bids begin to open

If your situation is critical and you need the buds open NOW, hold the head in the water and gently swish and twist the flower - you will begin to see air bubbles as the flower begins to open 

To quote a student of mine, she said "peonies are like the ugly duckling of flowers, they start of quite ugly and blossom into a stunning beauties