As you have seen from recent posts 

Kay's School of Floristry 

are active members of a 

Business Action Group know to its members as BAG

Flower Bag Dragons Den Ramona

For our recent launch team Kay decided to design a Bag made from Flowers for the event and here we will give you a step by step guide as to how we did it.  All the flowers for the #BAG Launch came from Fleurametz 

Starting off we purchased 2 square designer sheets and then shaped the into a bag shape by cutting down both sides.  We used the pieces we cut off to fill up the holes at the sides when we glued both designer sheets together.  We also cut a rectangle piece of wood to form a base for the foam sheets to sit on . 

We marked out the shapes we wanted to draw and then using "feeling dark green"chrysanthemums we began to stud the front part of the oasis foam.  

we continued studding the flower heads until we were close to the circle we had marked out.

we silver wired each Aquito Rose to prevent them from blowing and losing the circle shape them divided them evenly around the circle until we had filles in the full circle 

One the roses were in place we continued on with the crysantimums to fill in the rest of the front and both sides of the bag

 We studded ivy onto the back of the bag.

The space available to us for the 3 letters was quite small so we decided instead of writing the letters in flowers we would attach wooden letters and leave them proud on the bag. 

We glued some taped wires to the back of each letter so we could slide them in easily. 

For the handle of the Bag we used some thick rope that we sprayed black using Oasis Flower Spray.  Using a florist knife we cut out some holes in the oasis and glued the spayed rope into place. 

To finish of the top of the bag we glued on some ribbon and a couple of ivy leaves around the rope holes, just to make it neat. 

Ingredient - 2 Square Designer Sheet

20 Packets of "Feeling Dark Green " Chrysanthemums

20 Aquito Whte Roses

Florist Glue

Rope Sprayed Black

BAG letters from Craft Shop  

Approx 5 hours to complete 

A bag made from flowers

Although we dont actually make these designs on our courses, we do on our Intensive Sympathy Floral Course  cover how to design many different shapes and creative pieces 

If you are interested in any of our Flower Arranging Courses or Bridal Floristry Course check our website or call us on 01 453 86 49