Step By Step Making of the Olaf Christmas Wreath 

 We have broken this down as simple as possible how to "moss" and wire frame with painted birch twigs to be ready to decorate in a theme of your choice.  We have choosen the "Frozen" theme as it is so popular this year. 

You will need:

  • A 12 inch wire frame ring
  • Silver spray
  • Reel Wire / Mossing Wire
  • White Painted Birch twigs cut to approx 8 inches in length ( this wreath took approx 2 bunches from Stuart Williams, Folliage farm) 
  • White Gutta Tape
  • Baubles
  • Cones
  • SnowFlakes
  • Brooches (Oprional) 

Firstly using any type of silver spray, we are using Oasis Silver Spray, spray a 12 inch wire ring silver ( they are normally copper in colour) 

Cut the twigs into pieces approximately 8 inches long. For this display we used approx 2 of Williams Bunches of Birch Twigs


Attach the reel wire to the frame as you would if you were mossing a regular wreath.  Using the Birch in bundles wrap them to the frame with the reel wire

Gather another bunch of twigs and pointing them outward before attaching them to the ring with the reel wire.

Continue adding bunches of twigs in the same manner and occasionally wrap the wire outward around  the loose twigs then bring it back down back around the frame.

When you come to the place where you started, make sure you wire the last bunch so that it overlaps the first bunch you started with.


To secure this last piece in place without flattening it, wrap the wire  in and out around the outside twigs until you get to where you started  wring on your first piece 

All the wires used to add on all the decorations will need to be tapped with white Gutta Tape to both disguise the wires and also prevent the decorations from slipping  

Wire each bauble by inserting the wire in the loop and folding back about   an inch back and twist the wire together. 

Feed your taped wires through the twig ring and at  the back of the twigs twist the wire around the twigs to hold in place. 

All of the cones, snowflakes and baubles were wired in the same fashion.  We did glue some snowflakes onto the cones and also for that extra bit of luxury and sparkle we glues on some brooches too. 


Frozen Olaf Christmas Wreath

Hanging in the center of this wreath is a plastic hand painted OLAF which we bought from Trish in KT Metal Designs.  We also taped some battery fairy lights to Olaf.

We hope you have some fun replicating this design and we look forward to seeing photos of your finished displays