I want to become a florist,  but I know about flowers, I make flower arrangements for my friends an family all the time.

Do I need to start at the beginning ??

When training in any Industry education is Key becoming the best at what you do, At Kay's Flower School we believe it is this foundation education and basic training that is all the more important to work in the flower industry, that sets our Flower School Apart from all others.

Sometimes we find those seeking a new career in flowers sometime want to skip past the basics in a hurry to learn all the fun stuff.  This is like learn to preform open heart surgery before learning how to draw blood ( well maybe that is an extreme, but you know what i mean) 

Learning the fundamentals and foundations of floristry and floral design will set you on a bath for much better job satisfaction,  learning how to adapt to new skills and mechanics easier and being more profitable.   What we are finding is that past students who are now well established florists running their own flower business are adapting all the skills they learned on even our basic module 1 to created show stopping designs. and on top of that are using the the correct pricing structure in order to make their designs profitable.

On basic training you will learn how to avoid the common pitfalls and expensive mistakes that are made regularly by new florists learning on the job, learning from YouTube or teaching themselves through books.   Dont get me wrong, Im still learning by reading and watching other florists, but my experience in the industry and & knowing the basics  allows me to adapt different techniques and different ideas into profitable and successful installations. 

In the long run the cost and time spent training in a commercial flower school will save you huge money in the future.

Deirdre x

April 2019