On Site Floral Design or Floristry Training Service

Are you a Flower Shop / Freelance Floral Designer / Wedding or Event Florist?  

We are now available to offer you an amazing service.  

We can come to your place of work and train you and your staff in any skills or mechanics that you would like to learn. We can advise you on some techniques to help with the easier running of your shop or service, 

Do you feel you are stale and need a little revitalising? 

Are you struggling to get your staff up to speed to give you some time off?

We can help you - these are just some of the issues we have helped shops and flower providers and event florist with - 

  • Flower Arches
  • Candelabras - how to create and transport them so they can be made in advance on your own premises
  • Modern and Traditional Pedestals and Transporting them 
  • Topiary Trees that can be made up to 5 days in advance depending on the flowers 
  • Hand Tied Bouquets
  • Upskilling your Foam Arrangments - more money to be made if you can convert your customers to foam rather than bouquets
  • Social Media advice and assistance
  • Marketing help to improve your brand awareness. 
  • Costing and pricing to make a profit


We are here and we can help, call us or email us with a list of what you feel you would benefit from, we can organise a date maybe around the time you have an event or wedding planned so you can put your new skills to immediate use.

We have been training Florists for 30 years and we are still learning new things all the time and up-skilling ourselves on a regular basis, so for your business to keep blooming stay ahead of the bunch.


Prices are quoted depending on your needs, travel and time -

call 014538649 to discuss