Online Professional Floristry Certificate  - Module 1 


Are your struggling to find the time to train as a professional florist?




Module 1 Professional Floristry Certificate Online Program

4 Week Online Training Program 



How is the Course Structured and how can I keep in touch with my tutors for feedback.



Who is this course designed for ?

This course is designed for the total beginner.  For the person looking to enter the flower industry and learn the commercial skills and professional tricks / tips/ mechanics in order to start their new career.  For the person who is looking to retrain to start a career they can work around their lifestyle.

No experience is necessary just a love of flowers and a love of learning. 

What is included 

  • Train Online with renowned trainer Janette O Rourke 
    •  Practical Step by Step Flower Arranging Video Tutorials
    •  Video Theory Tutorials Classes with assessments to complete
    • Approx 70 Videos In Total
  • Kay's Flower School Module 1 Training Manual to support your tutorials. 
  • Access for 4 weeks to your Bloom Room
  • Live Training Classes in the Online Bloom Room.
  • Comprehensive Floristry Sundry pack that include your florist scissors and everything you need to complete your floral designs throughout the course.
  • €200 worth of fresh flowers & foliage delivered to your door that you will need to complete the floral designs in order to gain certification
  • Full access to  Kay's Flower School team for 4 weeks from start date via a private Facebook group forsupport and coaching.
  • Full access to the Online Floristry Program for 3 months after your enrollment dateto refresh and revise your tuition. 
  • You will have access to our renowned student resource on our website.
  • Life Long Backup & Support by email to the Kays Flower School Team

* Students have 4 weeks to submit photo / video evidence of the required floral designs in order to receive their Module 1 Professional Floristry Certificate 

Once the bloom room is closed, you still have access to your Online Video Tutorials for another 60 days (90 days in total)

Course Content - 

  • Introduction to a Career as a Florist 
  • Practical - Demonstration of 10 Different Floral Designs by Janette 
    • Traditional Designs
    • Traditional Designs with a modern twist
    • Country Basket Arrangement
    • Modern Table Design 
    • Modern Front Facing Designs - using different flowers and different containers 
  • Conditioning and Handling Fresh Flowers & Foliage -
  • Flower Chemicals & How to use them
  • Health & Safety in the flower industry
  • Floral Sundries and materials
  • Types of floral foam - containers to suit locations and displays
  • Bow Making,  Janette will demonstrate and learners will learn to make an array of florist bows
  • Wholesalers – Trade Cards, Online Wholesalers, Sundry Wholesalers and Fresh Flower Wholesalers
  • Costing floral designs and calculating your retail price in accordance with Industry Standard
  • Branding and Developing Marketing Material to start your own business 
  • Marketing & promoting yourself as a florist
  • Stock Control In the flower Industry 
  • Business Setup – VAT – CRO – Insurance
  • Developing your Portfolio
  • Assessment for Certification 

Our Next Module 1 Online Program starts Wednesday 11th November With Your Flowers Landing To Your Door To Work On Friday 21st November


You May be Eligible For Funding - Call us on 014538649 or 0862644472 for details 


What Our Students Have To Say 




Highlights From A Past Online Module 1 Flower Program




How your Kay’s Flower School Online 4-week Floristryprogram works.

This is your calendar for the next four weeks


The week prior to your program commencing

  • We will contact you by email to enrol you on your online program,
  • We will send you an invite to join your membership of the Bloom room
  • You will be asked you to sign up so we have your correct address  & Eircode for delivery of your floral sundry kit
  • This address will also be used later in the program for your fresh flower delivery.

The Day Before

  • You will have access  to your Bloom Room
  • It is here you will be able to watch some videos posted, explaining about ordering your buckets, how to get notifications, how to pin your bloom room on your phone and how to use the online site .
  • You will not be able to post in the Bloom Room until tomorrow

Day 1 Wednesday

  • Your Bloom Rooms opens you will now be able to post comments and photos
  • Your online program is now live, and you can now start watching all your pre-recorded videos at your own pace
  • Your Kit is in the post or you may have already received it

Day 3 Friday

  • It is not required but some of you may decide this weekend to maybe practice using foliage from your garden and supermarket flowers

Day 6 Monday

  • Most students at this stage are practicing the Bows from Unit 8 and posting photos of bows and gutta taping to the Bloom room

Day 8 Wednesday

  • Sterilize all your buckets refer to the video on this in your online program

Day 9 Thursday

  • Fill your buckets with clean water and add Flower Food, ready for your flower delivery

Day 10 Friday

  • Your fresh flower delivery will arrive tonight or early tomorrow, Refer to the unboxing video in your program for treatment and conditioning of all flowers

Day 11 Saturday

  • All Flowers must be conditioned and given at least 4 hours drink before you use them.
  • Some tighter flowers like Baby Carnations, Lilies and Alstroemeria may need to be re-cut a few times to help encourage them to drink/open. You can now start on your first practical arrangement for certificate. Janette and Deirdre will be available in the Bloom Room for help and advice this weekend, Saturday and Sunday until 3.30pm

Day 12 Sunday

  • If you haven’t yet started your practical’s, start today, we are available in the Bloom Room to critique and give feedback on your photos that your post

Day 13,14,15,16,17

  • During this time you need to work on your 5 practical designs for your certificate. Remember these are fresh flowers and if not used will eventually die

Day 20 Monday

  • For the next few days, you may work on your paperwork to be submitted for certification

Day 21- 29

  • You now have plenty of time to watch the next lot of bonus videos which are not part of the certification. We encourage you to continue posting any floristry designs you work on in the Bloom room for feedback

Day 30

  • Today your Bloom Room closes but you still have access to all your video tutorials for a further 60 days and you have unlimited access to our student resource and we are always there to answer a query by email if required

Every morning Monday to Friday a short Video chat will be posted in your Bloom room answering any queries or problems that have been posted.

During the hours of 9.30-3.30 pm each day your tutors are available in the Bloom Room to answer all your questions or offer feedback on your work posted.

It is important to keep all your questions etc in your Bloom Room as text messages/Face book messages and What’s app messages are not monitored by your tutors.

If you wish you can email us, but make sure to put the name of the Bloom Room in your subject bar


Frequently asked Questions

Is this Online Course Certified?

Yes as with our classroom based Module 1, you will receive our Module 1 Certificate.  In order to obtain your certificate, you will be required to submit photographic evidence of floral designs from the training program.

Am I A Qualified Florist After Completing Module 1

Module 1 is just the start of your training, the direction you take after this will depend on the area of floirstry you wish to pursue.  You will need to continue your training on the module/s that most suits your passion.  Give us a call and we can direct you to the best course of action.

How will I get the flowers and materials to make the floral designs for certification?

We will be supplying you with all the flowers and sundries you will need to complete the designs required for your certificate.  This is all included in your course fees. 

What do I need to buy once I sign up for this course

The only thing you will need to buy to complete this certificate is 10 Buckets or Large Vases.  We will supply you with everything else in your sundry pack and with your flower delivery.

I have a very busy household, Do I need to alot the same time every day in order to complete this course.

No you will have 4 weeks in total to complete what was our 4 day module.  Once your flowers arrive you can make your designs at any time that suits you, if you have any problems whilst making them you have access to your bloom room and your tutors Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm each day.  However we will have evening live classes should students not be available during the day

Do I need to a computer to complete this course?

No your can watch any of the Tutorials on a tablet, ipad, laptop, phone etc.  This is what makes this course so accessible as you can watch it anywhere at your leisure.

What is the Bloom Room and how to I gain access?

Your Bloom Room is your private group that only those who are also enrolled on your course will be in.  This will be a private group on Facebook.  Janette & Deirdre will be at your back and call Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4.30pm each day, however you can post questions and queries at any time.  It is in the group we will have extra live tutorials and answer all your queries live.  Every one in this group will all be at the same level so you will find you will each have similar issues and questions.  Access to your Bloom Room will last for 4 weeks, following on from this we encourage you to join our public Facebook group to network with other past students.  

Do need Facebook to gain access to my Bloom Room?

Yes you will need to have a Facebook profile in order to access your Bloom Room.  If you do not have a Facebook profile you will need to make one.  If you need help with this let us know.

How will I keep the flowers fresh and mind them when they come?

Your Video tutorials will have a step by step video on how to open your flower box, how to remove and treat your flowers and even how to fold back up the box for easy disposal.  Once treated and in water the flowers should be stored in a cool room, out of direct sunlight and away from a direct heat source.

How do I know if I can avail of the Funding Subsidy.

Drop us an email here and we will get back to you with all the details.

I have already booked onto a classroom based course with you, what should I do now?

We cannot envisage running classroom based courses with the current restrictions until late in the year.  If you wish to enroll on the online course we will transfer your booking fee to the funding authority and you will only have to pay the balance to them.  If you decide not to enroll we will refund your booking fee. 

Can I do this course but not opt for certification? 

Yes of course and we would get many hobby florists choosing this option, if you do not require certification you will not need to submit evidence of your designs.  You will however still be part of the program to learn the specific designs in the program. 

Course Cost:- €800 for Students Living on the Island of Ireland  (Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland) 

We have been approved for a 25% Funding Subsidy toward this training. Please contact us here for full details of this amazing opportunity.

Students Living Outside of Ireland & Northern Ireland can€600 however will not receive the Fresh Flower Package but will receive the Floral Sundry Kit.  They will be given a full list of  flowers they will need to purchase prior to starting the course.


Cancellation Policy

  • Booking Fees must be paid to secure you place on any of our programs. Booking Fees are non refundable, but with notice can be transferred to a different start date.
  • Change of start date must be notified a minimum of 7 days in advance in order to transfer your booking fee to another date.  
  • Cancellations less than 5 days prior to start date will result in 50% of the booking fee being lost. 
  • If you need to drop out during the program, we can enroll you in a new program at a hugely discounted rate of 50% of the cost of the program
  • Should it be necessary to cancel a course or change the date of a course, Kay's Flower School will offer a full refund of the booking fee or a discount voucher off a future course.  This is only eligible for those who have a place confirmed by booking fee


 What Our Past Students Who Previewed the Course Had To Say When Asked To Compare the Online Training To Their Classroom Based Course 





Raquel Romos - June 2020

Technology and flowers are two of my favourite passions, and I'm finally working on improving my second one: Flowers. Thanks, Janette & Deidre for your constant support in this journey, they are professional, knowledgeable and they couldn't have been more helpful providing full permanent support, exceedingly well-structured program, brilliant Online student resources, and much more.  I couldn't recommend them enough. 

Thank again for everything, Raquel

Anne Louise  Rowsome - June 2020

I’ve just completed the module 1 online commercial floristry training program with Kays Flower School. Having already completed their four modules at the school I found the online course to be as much fun and as informative. The tutors Janette and Deirdre cover everything from buying and conditioning flowers to V A T wholesalers and setting up your own business. 

To begin your fresh flowers and sundries are delivered straight to your door with a step by step instruction booklet which is also included. Janette helps you follow the easy to follow course instructions and demonstrates all the practical steps which will leave you with masses of floristry skills to make enviable arrangements at the end of the course. 

This course is a must for any budding florist.

Joan From Armagh May 2020

I was absolutely amazed at all the hard work that Kay's has put into this new course. They seem to have thought of everything, from floral foam, to gauge of wires, to chemicals, conditioning of flowers, sterilising buckets, health and safety. Making different types of bows, to working in a flower shop to mention but just a few of what was included in the course.
Their knowledge and expertise was amazing. The photography and videoing, was very crisp and clear and there were no shaky cameras, everything was perfect. Every step of the live demonstrations of making the arrangements was very well explained and step by step instructions given. It would be a great help to anyone starting out in floristry to buy this course, plus their will be follow ups with other modules later on when they become available so you could progress from module one to module 4 eventually. It is an exceptionally good course for beginners, and has everything you need to know included and I would highly recommend it.