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Our online school is a way to access our expert tuition for those who cannot make it to the school in person.  All our Videos will show you step by  step how to make different designs and as with all our courses you will have full backup and support from our school tutors by email.

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 Online Course Reviews 

 I have just completed the Floral Arch online course and I have to say it is one of the best courses I have done. From the beginning the information is clear and precise. I had already done floral arches, but the detail and tips given in this tutorial makes it so easy to understand and time saving even if you are on your own. The ease of transport and construction are exceptional.I have learnt so many new techniques that will make it easier and faster to do and what the exact amount of bunches of greenery,flowers etc takes all the guess work out. I would definitely recommend this course for anybody who is interested in providing floral arches as part of their services.

Bernadette - Dublin

Having attended 4 or 5 classroom modules with Janette and Deidre in the past few years, and enjoyed their 1-1 and group teaching style, I have to be honest and say I was sceptical about this online course...
I had been among those who attended their inaugural arch workshop and could not fathom how you could learn what I had by means of hands-on tuition Through video format - there was just so much learning to it.
I have to say, I am happy to have been proven wrong. This video tutorial is the business! The sound is clear, the instruction from Janette is simple and broken down into sections that the student can watch at their own pace. Not only that, but you can swipe backwards and forwards through the video sections, pause them, watch and re-watch, and behind the scenes Deidre has worked hard to ensure there are plenty of zoom-ins so the viewer can clearly see what Janette is explaining. Meanwhile, Janette is at pains to underscore all important tips and secrets of how to get it right first time every time making this video every bit as good (if not better) than learning in a classroom situation - and this is from someone who has done the floral arch learning in the classroom environment twice...
I loved all the new tips, tricks of the trade and new learning, I loved the new takes on combining faux and fresh flowers, I appreciated all the advice about where to buy the equipment and how much to buy and how to get a different style/look with minimum of effort. Janette and Deidre have really thought of everything - from where to get glue and/or water pipes, to what to do to speed up the arch decorating process so that the florist can plan her time and finances without getting into a tizzy. As Janette talks about the various suppliers their contact details pop up on screen, as Janette emphasises what to do or not to do Deirdre zooms in for a close-up so you know exactly what is what... that’s not something you can do in a live classroom environment.
The course is in sections - a preview, the task of making the frame, how to decorate it with greenery and what greenery to use, as well as the various ways to prep and add the flowers. There are tips on assembly and deconstruction (who knew a Stanley blade could be sooo useful!); tips on how to conserve flowers and re-use them, how to care for plant and flower materials, how to avoid damaging your creations and there is even a section on common mistakes and how to avoid them...
There is a handy still picture section showing the various arches you can make and the dimensions and some past students may even spot themselves in the gallery!
It wouldn’t be Janette and Deidre without a bit of humour and we even get to meet Janette’s Assistant - the lovely Cara.
So, if you are ready, source some ivy, eucalyptus or pittosporum, cut some hydrangea and nip to the wholesaler for some Gerbs, limoneum and some sea spray and get ready to scale new heights in your flower business or floral art hobby by learning how to make a range of flower arches suitable for weddings, anniversaries and corporate events, or pillars for that matter, because the possibilities with this foam-free tutorial are endless.
One of the biggest selling parts of this tutorial is that what you learn here feeds right into the drive towards all things eco-friendly - all of the parts used, from the uprights to the water vials are re-usable. There are no micro plastics here!
The design of the arch is also ingenious - light weight and highly portable, which Janette and Cara (who is only 11 years old) show, it is super sturdy once assembled - so even a rambunctious pageboy could not knock these pillars and arches over.
For me though, the biggest plus is that I can stop, pause, rewind so that I can refresh my understanding in a heartbeat, PLUS... not only can I watch it on my iPad, I can connect to the computer and put it on my TV... and I can even watch the video and refresh my memory by getting out my smartphone and scrolling to the bit I need if I’m on the go and away from my home studio...
Briefly put... this is a really clever, valuable learning resource - and the fact that you get access to so many insider tips and tricks make this and other videos by Janette and Deidre a must-have if you want to learn from the best and benefit from years of Floristry industry experience so that you can take your flower arranging to the next level.
You cannot get this kind of learning with this amount of detail - and in such an accessible format - anywhere else. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched a video or gone to a night class only to be presented with the proverbial finished product without many of the vital in-between steps that Janette and Deidre share...
This arch and pillar tutorial is top class!

Olga - Co Derry