Our Online Flower School Is Divided Into Two Types Of Training Courses 

Our Commercial Online Training Programs  & Our Stand Alone Training Courses 

 Our Commercial Online Floristry Training Programs 

These Programs include all your flowers & sundries and also participation in our bloom rooms 





How Our Online Commercial Professional Programs Are Structured To Allow You To Learn At Your Own Pace 


Module 1 Professional Floristry Certificate Online Program

Now 4 Weeks to train at your own pace rather than 4 days in our classroom 








Module 2 Professional Floristry Online Certificate Program

4 Week Online Program to train at your own pace instead of 4 Days Classroom Based




Module 3 - Professional Floristry Online Certificate Program

4 weeks Online Program in our Bloom Room instead of 4 days in our Classroom


Module 4 Professional Floristry Online Certificate Program

4 Weeks Online Program in our Bloom Room Instead Of 4 Days in Our Classroom


Our Stand Alone Floristry Training Courses

Please Note There Are No Flowers Included In Theses Stand Alone Courses & There is No Bloom Rooms 


How to log into our Online Platform and Buy or see your courses 




Stand AloneOnline Flower Courses 












How to make funeral flowers professionally











 Online Course Reviews 

 I have just completed the Floral Arch online course and I have to say it is one of the best courses I have done. From the beginning the information is clear and precise. I have learnt so many new techniques that will make it easier and faster to do and what the exact amount of bunches of greenery,flowers etc takes all the guess work out. I would definitely recommend this course for anybody who is interested in providing floral arches as part of their services.

Bernadette - Dublin

 I have to be honest and say I was sceptical about this online course...
I had been among those who attended their inaugural arch workshop and could not fathom how you could learn what I had by means of hands-on tuition Through video format - there was just so much learning to it.
I have to say, I am happy to have been proven wrong. This video tutorial is the business!

Meanwhile, Janette is at pains to underscore all important tips and secrets of how to get it right first time every time making this video every bit as good (if not better) than learning in a classroom situation - 
 Janette and Deidre have really thought of everything -
One of the biggest selling parts of this tutorial is that what you learn here feeds right into the drive towards all things eco-friendly - all of the parts used, from the uprights to the water vials are re-usable. 
For me though, the biggest plus is that I can stop, pause, rewind so that I can refresh my understanding in a heartbeat, PLUS... not only can I watch it on my iPad, I can connect to the computer and put it on my TV... and I can even watch the video and refresh my memory by getting out my smartphone and scrolling to the bit I need if I’m on the go and away from my home studio...
Briefly put... this is a really clever, valuable learning resource - 
This arch and pillar tutorial is top class!

Olga - Co Derry