So you live outside Ireland and want to as a florist at Kay's Flower School ?


Distance is not an issue when training online at Kay's Flower School, we have students join or Programs from the UK, Canada, USA and further afield.  

So how does it work I here you ask?  Have a listen to Janette in this video and if you have any questions see the list of FAQ below, 


I live in the UK, can I still join your Floristry Programs?

Yes of course you can, we get many UK students.  As a UK students we do still send you the sundry kit for your program, but we dont organise the flower delivery for you.  However we do give you an itemised list of the flowers you will need to buy and we will also give you a list of Floral Wholesalers you can buy from.

I am a total beginner and have never bought from a flower wholesaler before, Im nervous about doing this .

Dont be nervous at all, if you wish you can buy the flowers from your local florist, obviously they will be more expensive, but you wont need to buy the quantities you need to buy in a wholesalers, again we will give you an itemised list if your buying from a florist. 

If I have to buy the flowers myself, do I get a discount on the price of the program?

Yes we do give you a flower allowance when we are not supplying you with your flowers, however we do still send you your sundry kit.  The allowance for each module is €150.

I Live Outside Ireland & The UK do I get a discount also ?

Yes if you are living outside Ireland and Outside the UK we allow you €200 off the cost of the program.  Sending Kits outside Ireland and The UK as proven problematic.  We provide you on receipt of your Full Fees a Sundry List for your Module, once your program begins we will proved you with a Full list of the Flowers and Foliage you will need for your certificate work. 

There is a time difference from my country and Ireland, will this hinder my taking part on the floristry programs? 

Not at all.  You will have access the the pre-0recorded tutorials 24/7 so you can watch the training at your own pace.

Every morning (Irish Time ) your tutor will host a live Q&A class in your bloom room, this class will stat there for the duration of your program, so you can watch / catch up at any time that suits you.

What if I have a question and miss the live Q & A ?

Everyday in your Bloom Room we post a Q&A Box, Your Tutor will answer your questions throughout the day as they come in, if she feels in needs a more in-depth answer she will answer it in her Live Q&A the next morning, you will be able to catch up on the Live Q&A at a time that suits you.

If I Live Outside Ireland Can I Avail Of Funding Towards Your Programs

We are only knowledgeable of the Irish System when it comes to funding. Our programs are eligible for many types of funding here in Ireland.  We advice you to research funding available to you in your country and we can provide any relative paper work that may be requested. 


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