Due to Covid19  Restrictions and Social Distance we are unable to deliver our commercial Courses in our school in a safe environment for tutors and students

We have transferred our professional courses online and hope to return to the classroom when it is safe to do so

Module 2 - Floristry Certificate - Beginners to Intermediate Level

Our 4 Day Intensive Module 2 Incorporated Presentation Hand Ties, Sympathy Tributes And Flower Arranging  


An Overview of Our Module 2 Floristry Certificate 


lady with funeral tribute made on her Funeral Floristry Course


Lady with Bouquet of Flowers she made at Kay's Flower School






Module 2 Floristry Certificate Curriculum 


  • Shop / Workshop Layout, Location & points of sale
  • Conditioning and Handling of Flowers & Foliage relative to flowers being used
  • Commercial Wrapping – flowers, plants, gifts
  • Choosing flowers for Presentation Bouquets
  • Costing and Pricing Presentation Bouquets
  • Transportation and Handling Deliveries of Bouquets 
  • Practical – Large Presentation Hand Tied Bouquets using the spiral technique
  • Practical – Bow Making Tutor will demonstrate and learners will learn to make an array of florist bows using different mediums
  • Floral Foam Bases - Care, Preparation and Storage
  • Health & Safety in the workplace
  • Consultation Techniques for dealing with Bereaved & Undertakers
  • Practical – Eternal Circle Floral Ring
  • Practical – Pleating ribbon for based funeral wreaths
  • Networking for your Business
  • Developing relationships with both online and paper media
  • Practical – Traditional Spray Arrangements that can be transformed into Unity Candle Arrangement
  • Developing and Online presence through Social Media – setting up your social medial pages
  • Creating an effective Business Plan
  • Building relationships with other business
  • Practical – A selection of sympathy tributes and designs




About our Module 2 Floristry Certificate Course

You would love to work in a Flower Shop but you love doing wedding work?  It is important to note that Hand Tied Bouquets are the most popular floral displays sold in a flower shop on a daily basis. Perfecting this skill is part of our Module 2 Certificate.  During this module we also cover some more Flower Arranging Techniques and also some sympathy tributes.

Being one of our more popular Floristry Courses our students range from early school leavers to those of you whose family may be reared and are looking for new challenges, or for those of you who are looking to change career direction or earn a second income from home. 

Students attending this module will also have access to some FREE Online tutorials and as with all students our Online Flower Student Resource section of our website.

During this course we also cover the essential business skills you will need to think about if you start your own business, from shop layout, location, business plans & social media. 

Your tutor Janette O'Rourke is an renowned expert in the Flower Industry and is well known for her fun & vibrant personality,  Janette's unique training style will having you laughing and learning all at once.

Students enrolling on Module 2 will normally have completed Module 1 Beginners Floristry Training Certificate, but this is not an essential requirement, in saying that we would like you to read through the curriculum of Module 1 so you are aware what most other students attending will know already and is not covered on this module. 





As with all our Commercial Floristry  Training Modules you will be  provided with step-by-step instructional notes and an itemised list of the materials required for each design and we also included the formula to cost each floral design and the  commercially accepted selling price you would expect to get for each floral display

In order to maximize your retail sales or employment potential, it is vital that you master the technique of

Hand- Tied Bouquets in Aqua Packs.

Also covered during this part of the flower module is

  • Purchasing materials & accessories required to create Hand Tied Flower Bouquets Purchasing / Treatment.
  • Cost prices of Flowers
  • Retail percentage markup on Bouquets of flowers
  • Wrapping flowers and plants 
  • Presentation and transporting of Hand Tied Flower Bouquets
  • Mastering the technique of creating a  Hand Tied Flower Bouquets in an Aqua pack & Porto Box

Course Duration: 4 Days

Course Time: 9.30am – 3.30 pm each day

Course Fee: €800 includes all materials required 

Booking Fee: €200 to reserve your place and the balance can be paid by cheque / bank transferseven working days before your course begins or by Cash on the first day of  your course.  

All students attending any of our Flower Courses MUST provide their own Scissors, We do have Florist Scissors available for sale at the school. 

Please Note : We Do Not have Card Facilities at the school, so payments made on the first day of your course can be by cash only

1 Day Option: To attend just 1 day of this course the fee is €200 per day please send on full amount in advance to reserve your place. Please contact school to see it they can organise the course syllabus for the day you wish to attend.

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It is important to remember that Kay's Flower School is an independent floristry training school.  We are not affiliated with any Flower Shop or Flower Wholesaler or Supplier.  We teach you the professional commercial flower skills to help you on your way in the Flower Industry.  We have been training florists all over Ireland and Great Britain for over 30 years.  

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy Deposits must be paid to secure you place on any of our courses.

Booking Fees are non refundable.

Cancellations of bookings must be notified a minimum of 7 days in advance in order to transfer your booking fee to another date.  

Cancellations less than 7 days prior to start date will result in the booking fee being lost. 

Should it be necessary to cancel a course or change the date of a course, Kay's Flower School will offer a full refund of booking fee or a discount voucher off a future course.  This is only eligible for those who have a place confirmed by booking fee 


Sympathy Floristry is the "Bread & Butter" of any flower shop and knowledge of all aspects of design is essential.  Learn to offer an array of different funeral tributes that will make you stand out from the croud.