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Testimonials From Our Online Commercial Floristry Programs


Carmel Kenny -July 2020

This is a fantastic course. Janette and Deirdre were so helpful and supportive throughout the course. You can do it at your own pace and you have the support from Janette and other students in your Bloom Room. Janette is a fantastic teacher and she definitely goes above and beyond to help everyone during the course. I would highly recommend this course and I am delighted that I took the opportunity to do it.

Olga Cathers - July 2020

I have just finished the Kay’s Flower School M2 Course, and I’m staggered with the amount I have learned and how the standard of my work has improved - almost overnight.
I can hand on heart say that this by far the best course content I have ever come across - and the best value for money around bar none!
My funeral sprays, technical understanding, and knowledge base has been enhance 100-fold. I’m delighted! Thank you Janette and Deirdre!
This course is OUTSTANDING!

Kate Smart - July 2020

I had a great time on this course. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I grew in confidence day by day with the guidance, support and experience both Janette and Deirdre show for their profession. Nothing was too much trouble. If you had any problems they were there to solve them.
Their enthusiasm and bubbly personalities made the online tutorials fly by and before you knew it the day was gone and you're surrounded by flowers, foliage, bows, and a lovely smelling mess on the kitchen floor.
I send them both a lovely Posy with a modern twist with a huge cluster bow around for both of them. A special thank you for the amazing work they have done to get this course online for us all to enjoy.
If you’re thinking about it, just do it it won’t disappoint.

Catherine Moriarty - July 2020

Thank you do much for sharing all your knowledge with us over the four weeks. It is very satisfying to see the end product of each arrangement. I really enjoyed every minute of it and Janette and Deirdre are 100% honest and so helpful when talking about the floristry business. I really didn't think I would manage it but you both have so much time to explaining and demonstrating that it was so doable. All the notes and diagrams will be of huge help in the future. The bonus arrangements were a real treat.
Many thanks for a great 4 weeks of fun and learning. A1 course.

Liz Mulvey -July 2020

Love the course so far, Janette and Deirdre you’ve thought of everything even down to the techy glitches, the sundries and flowers, getting to know one another even though we’re online and the tutorials and support are second to none. 10/10 Highly recommend this course


Angela Tansey - June 2020

Excellent course....... I’ve done a course before but a totally different way to makings bows could not master it at all. I can now honestly say that I can make beautiful bows? Janette and Deirdre was spot on with everything, made me feel very comfortable easy to approach about anything. I’ve worked in a flower shop and this course has helped me no end. Thank you .❤️

Courtney Mc Mahon - July 2020

I strongly recommend doing a course with Janette and Deirdre, the nicest ladies ever and the best teachers there is! I learnt so much in my Module 1 course from the theory to the practical parts, I was so nervous about doing it but they made it so enjoyable. They also gave you extra arrangement demos for free, you have there attention all the time whenever you need help or have questions which is excellent. It has boosted my confidence alot which is what i needed. You might think you know everything about floristry/flowers but there is always something new to learn and this is the perfect place to learn things. I loved every minute of my course, sad that its over but im excited for module 2? thank you ladies for one of the best experiences!?


 Brigid Kinsella - June 2020

Thank you Janette and Deirdre for sharing all your skills,ideas,and business information on setting up a Floristry Business. . I enjoyed the tutorials and gained valuable information on conditioning flowers., and designing Flower arrangements. Looking forward to enrolling for another module..

Caroline Silke - June 2020

I was a little apprehensive about doing a florist course online. Kay's Flower School have put this course together with step by step tutorials which allow you to learn the necessary theory and also allow you to make the flower arrangements along with Jeanette. Both ladies at the school have made themselves available to us budding florists on a daily basis. The support has been tremendous and I would highly recommend this course to others.

Maureen Mc Loughlin - July 2020

This was a fantastic course, very professional and it was almost as you were in class with Janette & Deirdre. Step by step how to do arrangements, loads of business information also, they have thought of everything. Your sundry kit arrived to your door & also the flowers from the Wholesale in Holland. You have access to the Bloom room where you and other students are all in the same boat, you welcome critic as you want to be the best. I have learnt so much and have booked onto Module 2 and I intend to complete the 4 modules.

Ann Kelleher - July 2020

I have just completed Module 1 Professional floristry course. I loved the course with Kay and Deirdre our tutors. They have created a very well detailed and professional online tutorial course, which is easy and enjoyable to follow. All sundries and beautiful flowers are delivered to your home. Students are in a private bloom room and can interact with each other, which is lovely and everyone is learning and creating beautiful arrangements in a short period of time. I would highly recommend this course if you have an interest in flower arranging or interest in a flower business as you will learn everything that is relevant. Ann from Galway

Geraldine Delaney - July 2020

I wanted to do this course for so long and I kept putting it off I so glad I did it I have learnt so much janette and Deirdre was always on hand to help and our bloom room was amazing the girls were amazing thank you

Angela Clarke - July 2020

I really enjoyed this course. As a complete beginner I found the course well structured and user friendly and the support from Janette and Deirdre is excellent. Also the support from the other students is great and everyone is so encouraging. I would definitely recommend it ? Angela Clarke

Bernie Hurley - July 2020

Making the decision to an online course came after a great deal of consideration. Purely on the grounds I had attended Kay’s Flower School on other modules in person in their wonderful educational environment in Rialto, Dublin and being a Culchie it involved a car journey to my local railway station, train to Dublin and a Luas ride of only a few minutes followed by a 3 minute walk to the school all within a hour if planned properly and the walk was within an area that one felt safe with plenty going on all around.

I was spoiled each time I attended the school; the content and the syllabus were delivered by Janet & Deirdre in the most professional manner. Friendliness beamed from both ladies like a bright shinning light, explanations in every area to detailed depth, topped with a rainbow of colours of flowers, designs, expressed in shape, love, elegance, wildness and splendor of the highest standard of education in the area of floristry and design.

Decision made, in the current situation of Covid 19 I stepped into the online course and happily too my place in the Bloom Room which I was assigned to, with expectations of enjoyment but fear of the unknown.

Module 1 completed, I am totally over the moon, with the content, explanations, every step so easy to follow, answers to questions as they arose by placing a comment or question in the comment area of the private bloom room or privately by message all catering for ones comfort zone. No question asked was treated with insignificance but treated like a flower treated and nourished to the highest standard resulting in blossoming with pride in oneself. One caught every detail not missing anything with the benefit of the reply button.

Materials, notes, flowers & foliage all delivered to your doorstep. It all started with an on-screen journey excitingly eagerly awaited arrival encouraged by two outstanding ladies in the comfort of your own home and time availability.
Technology to one’s own comfort but encouraged to try new, give it a go, take photos, be the basic or brave, go for it.

Added advantages, playback any section as many times as you like. Pausing Janet, ability to take notes and one’s own pace. Having the screen in front of you as you make each arrangement, Janet step by step beside you in the comfort of your own home. Deirdre always showing live tips on access to areas online and encouragement to explore.
My description of the two girls “Like the blousy peony nothing without the rich greenery” just like any brilliant double act one enriched by the other.

Wendy Connolly - June 2020

I have almost completed Module 1 with Janette and Deirdre at Kay's Flower School. At first I was sceptical of the online course as I had completed an online course in the past in a different profession and found it really difficult as you were left very much to your own devices with very little communication from the college. This was not the case with Kays Flower School. The course content was well communicated and easy to follow. Janette and Deirdre were always popping online to check in with us, answering questions and giving us tips and advice. I have really enjoyed the course and learnt so much, I have already enrolled in Module 2 and I am looking forward to learning so much more.


In school class review - pre -covid 












Ursula Mc Keirnan - Love Blossoms - Co Tyrone - April 2019

Just over two years ago myself and my mum started out our floral journey with Deidre and Janette at Kay's Flower School. It was quite a spontaneous decision we made to go to the flower school but it definitely has been the best decision I've ever made. We enjoyed every minute of our time at the school and couldn't wait to get back each time. Deirdre and Janette were first class teachers, explaining everything you needed to know to start your floral career in great detail. The courses were very hands on which we loved but there was also so much theory covered helping with the essential things like pricing, dealing with potential clients etc. Their teaching of both practical and theory was invaluable. We completed all of their modules and within one month of finishing our last course we had our 1st wedding in August 2017. Since then we have had 114 couples choose us to do their wedding flowers, something I couldn't have imagined happening so soon after starting our journey. We will forever be grateful for the help and support we received at Kay's Flower School both during our time at the courses and since then. Janette and Deirdre are always on hand for any questions we might have and continue to help us learn and improve our skills even after completing the courses.

Thanks so much to you both, we would highly recommend any of your courses to anyone thinking of entering the floral industry whether it be as a hobby or a career.

Ursulla & Bernie

Annemarie - Roscommon - January 2019

Last year I completed all four modules with Kay's flower school ... they covered everything we needed to know in all aspects of flowers and all kinds of flowers arrangements ... they were extremely helpful and all classes were very enjoyable I would highly recommend this flower school to anyone thinking of a career in flowers... plus their door is always open to any queries we may have after.  



June Jordan - January 2019

I started a professional floristry course with Kays Flower School early 2018 to compliment my
wedding décor business. I completed all 4 modules within a couple of months and I found the
course was delivered in detail.
From the very first day of the course I learned how to handle and condition flowers, make simple
arrangements and styles and eventually move on to more elaborate arrangements. Their course
also went into great detail on business development, pricing and how to deal with customers.
Over the 4 modules I learned so much and I have now added Bridal Flowers, Funeral Flowers and
Bouquets to my services. The extensive information I received from the ladies in the school thought
me how to market and promote my business and I have since increased my bookings by over 50% in
2018 as a result of this course.
At the time of choosing a flower school I researched other schools but I found Kays Flower School to
be the best available to students as they do not only teach you how to arrange and present flowers
but they teach you everything you need to know from a business point of view to include VAT,
Income Tax, GDPR Compliance, Marketing and so much more. From the moment you walk out the
door you are not on your own. Janette & Deirdre give a great backup service to their students and
never leave you stuck. I have had to contact them several times for advice.
I highly recommend Kays Flower School to other students looking to take up a career in floristry

Magic Moments Garristown Co. Dublin

Joan Muldrew - Co Armagh - December 2018

My name is Joan, I'm from Co. Armagh.

I have completed modules 1,2,3 and 4  at Kay's Flower School, and I loved it that much I couldn't stay away so I repeated some modules again as well as the Christmas workshops and 1 to 1s. I have been there that often I am practically a part of their family.

I thoroughly enjoy floristry and Kay's has helped me foster a greater passion for it. I love the girls, they are so friendly and make you feel at home as soon as you walk though their door. The craic? Well, it's fantastic. I haven't yet come across a family that puts everything they have into their business, their friendship, their knowledge and their dedication to continue to help you when you leave.

If you want to really learn Floristry and gain the essential skills to work in a flower shop then Kay's is the place to be. The modules they offer will surely help you progress and learn a lot. What can I say? Out of all the courses I have done and the years spent learning, Kay's was the one place where I learnt the most and also very quickly. They spend time with you and will answer any questions/explain things until you understand it.

Many Thanks 


Ilze Zarine - January 2019

I started floristry training in Kay's Flower School in 2017

 The admissions process in Kay's Flower School was outstanding from the day one. Within minutes I got that feeling, that they really care for every student in there, no matter what nationality, age group you are, and truly want to give the best for you. They are professional, caring, well organized, really good and dedicated.

 Every day we find out something new, lots of verbal and written information was given during the course, that I use nearly every day until now. The teachers make themselves very accessible and very supportive, and the most important thing in my point of view is, that even after the course is finished, I can always go back to them, if I feel I need to, and they are always there for me.

 During the course they fostered independence, creativity, and a genuine pride in learning in all of us.

 The teachers in there are dedicated to guide each student in discovering and maximizing their strengths while encouraging them to tackle new tasks, in learning, creating experiences they may not be familiar with. I am confident, that this school has set a solid foundation for my learning path and that I have developed a true love for floristry because of them.

 Kay's Flower School environment encourages students to be self-starters and take initiative. And this played very important role and was the key to my future. I will always be grateful to this wonderful school I developed a passion for the floristry, and significantly improved my skills to the point where now I am self-employed. In 28th of September 2018 I opened Ronaldo's Flowers Florist shop in the heart of Drogheda town in Co. Louth.

 The type of education I was given over the course, I can proudly say - Kay's Flower School is as close to perfect as a school can get.

 I can say Thank You to Kay's Flower School (with Jim's Brickman's words) for -

“Giving me the choice

to search my soul till I could find my voice..

And I Thank You, for teaching me!

You gave me the roots to start this life,

and then you gave me the wings to fly..

And I learned To Dream,

because you believed in me...”

Janette & Deirdre, in Kay's Flower School, have changed my life for 360 degrees!  Truly, I wouldn’t be who I am today without both of them.

I would recommend Kay's Flower School to anyone without hesitation!

Ronaldo's Flowers

28 Stockwell Lane


Co. Louth

Wayne Richardson - December 2018

To whom it may concern,

I am a past student of Kay’s School of Floristry, Rialto.  Two years ago I decided to finish my career in the financial industry for a change in direction. 

 As I always have had a natural flair with flowers and plants I decided on floristry as the right career to pursue but found to get to my foot into the floristry industry in Ireland was difficult, with having no formal training or experience I couldn’t searched for many courses on offer with most catering for a hobby or novice florist, however I found Kay’s School of Floristry and haven’t looked back.

I have attended all Modules of the Curriculum from beginner to advanced commercial floristry course.  Kay’s teaches student fundamental skills and secrets of the trade that no other course offers, from basic floristry, both practice and theory to marketing, shop prepping, weddings and sympathy florist and providing a gateway to working with many of the leading suppliers and service providers of the florist industry and most importantly links in with many florists to enable students to gain work experience.

I have gained tremendous amount of skills and the training on how to pave a career in the industry.  In little over a year from attending my first day at Kays school of floristry I have opened my own Florist Business in Dublin city and would not have been able to do so without such an amazing duo Janette and Deirdre, even post course completion they are always at hand to give advice or point you in the right direction and I would highly recommend Kay’s School of Floristry for any budding florists looking to upskill or start a career in the industry.

Bathlane Blooms
328 North Circular Road
Dublin 7

November 2018

Hi Janette & Deirdre, 

Many thanks for an excellent Christmas Flower Arranging Workshop last Friday.  You guys are so well organised, the teaching is really excellent and on top of that you certainly know how to make learning fun.  Just like the other courses that I have done with you, I enjoyed every minute of it !  

Here's to putting it all into practice ?? Best wishes,  Liz - Dublin 6





Fiona Liston - Meadowsweet Flowers - July 2017

As you know I recently did my first solo wedding gig and as the nerves began to set in who did I reach out to but yourself.

It is actually hillarious now that I look back on my email. The spelling was atrocious, I knew that you would be in class, and  I didnt even have time to change anything anyway, not even 1 stem. Yet,  I felt that if I made sone sort of contact with you that everthing would somehow be ok - and it was

I started my own cut-flower/floristry business last March and I am loving every minute of it. I work from a studio at home and I deliver bouquets weekly to shops and restaurants. I also have done some bouquets and arrangements for parties and weddings.  I am on facebook 'Meadowsweet Flowers' and am currently working on building a website. 

Thank you so much for starting me off on this path. I learnt so much from kays school of floristry and hope to do so again in the future





Freda Walsh - March 2016

I completed module one of the Commercial Floristry course last week at Kays and had a ball! Janette, Deirdre and Kay were so welcoming and friendly, making a very pleasant atmosphere for study. I thought the the course content was excellent and pitched at the right level for the beginner. Janette is a very good teacher in that she can explain techniques in memorable terms! The course is packed with information both practical in creating floral displays and business focused with useful information.
I am really looking forward to Module two!


Alison Beattle -March 2016

Visited Kay's school in March for a one day hand tied bouquet course and surprised myself how much I learnt in one day and how much I enjoyed it. I then further booked a 4 day - module one course. The course was packed full of tips and ideas. The quality of the floral arrangements were fabulous and Janette made the whole experience so much easier than anticipated with her practical approach. Her teaching skills are amazing! I produced floral arrangements that I never knew I could. My family were amazed by the professional look of my arrangements. Every day I couldn't wait to see what was coming next (and the people on the Enterprise train loved it too!) Highly recommend this course and other courses to anyone who loves to work with flowers. Thank you Kay, Deirdre and off course Janette for a wonderful time :-) Hope to see you all soon!





Terri Toner Lyons - March 2016

To date I have completed modules in Commercial, Bridal and Sympathy floristry in Kay's School of Floristry. Each one as interesting as the next. With her vast knowledge and experience, Janette's tutorials are conveyed in a comprehensive manner, easily understood and so enjoyable to learn, with every student producing beautiful arrangements. Deirdre and Kay are always on hand to support when the need arises giving students individual attention in a relaxed environment. Best of all, comprehensive notes and online assistance is available so you have follow on after the course. When you see students attending from every part of Ireland, you know you have chosen the best!


Bernadine Halligan - Module 1 & 2 Floristry Certificate - February 2016

Kay's School of Floristry are just fantastic! Deirdre, Janette and Kay are super helpful and supportive. They show you all the tips and tricks of the trade.The fact that they aren't attached To a Flower Shop also ensures that you are getting 100% transparency and value money. PLUS, If you get stuck just pop an email and they get back to you very quickly. You are a student for LIFE once you attend Kay's School of Floristry. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. 


Helen Meagher - Dublin - Kay's Online Training School 

Janette and Deirdre; I have just completed the excellent 'Make your own Holly Wreath' online tutorial.It was a fantastic refresher for me as i completed the class holly wreath course in 2014. Looking forward to the next one. I would really recommend it, Janette's refreshing informal style makes you want to run out and get that Moss right now!!



Joan Muldrew - Co Armagh - Kay's Online Training School 

I think this way by video is a far better way of learning for some people each person has a preference to the way they take in the information the best for me being a visual learner I prefer this way than any notes. I rate it 100% because it couldn't be improved in any way its the best for me anyway. Delighted to see these new videos and hope there are loads more. Its great to refer back to every time you go to do the design and its also is good for the tutors who have a busy enough life with...Very informative and feel confident now in doing one without notes. I look forward to training videos in the beginners bridal course and the advanced bridal course. These courses are nice to keep for future use and by watching them you learn so much.

Thank you Janette and Deirdre for the time that you have both spent preparing all these very useful videos.


Elizabeth Brady - Scotland - November 2015  1-2-1 Brooch Bouquet Workshop

Hi Janette, would just like to say a big thank you for your time and patience on the Brooch Bouquet training course. I had a fantastic time and was well worth the visit from the UK. The hints and tips you provided are invaluable and will certainly help me with my venture. I would certainly recommend your course to anyone else who was thinking about following this line of interest.

Thanks again Elizabeth


Aurelia - South Africa / Dublin -  November 2015 

Hi Deidre and Janette, I have recently attended a few courses and workshops at Kay'sFlower School and all I can say is that they were just amazing, hands -on and taught by really dedicated teachers, who love what they do and their love for flowers is contagious. They have been the best courses and workshops that I have ever attended in all my life, (well over 60 years).Just so very grateful to have had this opportunity and would like to attend more courses in the near future.

Many thanks, 
Aurelia "


Tish - Dublin - November 2015 Christmas Workshop

Hi Janette
Thanks a mill for the links. You do go that extra mile and it is appreciated I'm sure by all your students. As usual, I really enjoyed Sunday. It was great reinforcing things we had learned in the past.
Take care.


Catherine McEvoy - Nothern Ireland - July 2015

Kays school of floristry is " unique " in everything that you are taught. It is relaxed, fulfilling & very rewarding. Janette and Deirdre teach you the floristry skills from being a beginner to feeling like a true professional whilst leaving the course. Traveling from the North they made my journey very satisfying every time. Highly recommended.


Ruth Bennett - Dublin - November 2015

A big thank you lovely ladies, I got to learn so much and so quickly whilst also enjoying every single second. Janette and Deirdre are a real inspiration and it was an absolute pleasure to be taught by such skilled and talented teachers, would highly recommend KAY'S SCHOOL OF FLORISTRY to anyone with an interest in learning about flower arranging, no matter what previous skills you may or may not have!


Dee McMeeking -  United Kingdom - May 2015 

Hi Ladies! Hope all is well with you.

All is great here. You would not believe how much doing the flower training has changed my business!! My weddings for next year are now double the turnover from this year and much more profitable! Have my first bridal bouquet coming up in September with bridesmaids, a lovely fairy wand (my fave!!), and buttonholes. All is very exciting. I'm even about to sign a lease to take another business unit next door to mine as my flower unit! (i.e. getting fed up of trying to keep a carpet clean in a pretty showroom and shifting tables around everytime I need to play with flowers!!). I have to say a huge thanks for the training and the confidence it's given me to get out there offering flowers. It's already paying off financially - big style!


Audrey Byrne - Dublin - June 2015

Hi guys! Sorry it has taken a while to get back to you but have been up to my ears working studying and enjoying myself with all things floral! I would just like to say a huge thank you to Janette and Deirdre for quite litterally changing my life! I started the courses in 2012 as I was at a crossroads in my life, 25 years in the visual retail business, working hard for everone else and not enjoying it anymore! I continued studying plants/horticulture and landscaping while working full time. Joined a few floristry clubs and attended every demo/wedding fair going. Collected back catalogues of Confetti and suscribed to Bash and some of the international floral art publications. You two really set a light under me and your teaching skills and support are out of this world. Thanks to you I have found a real ppassion for life. I am planning on opening a shop in the near future (searching for property with big window on high st.!!!) I have been working freelance for the last 3 years and at 47 yrs old this July, I think I am ready for the big leap ! I entered Bloom in the park for the first time this year and thanks to the florists skills taught by you along with a bit of inspiration from pinterest l.o.l. I won a silver gilt medal. I am over the moon girls. I would highly reccomend your course as a first port of call for anyone thinking or taking their flowers seriously. There are tons of flower schools popping up and talking to some of their students, yours is by far, the very best. You are so generous with information and instil confidence in the most introvert of students. I have to say the money spent was the best value for money I have ever invested. Love you loads and will keep in touch xxx Audrey

Teresa - Galway-  April 2015

`Having just completed Module 2 I already looking forward to the last two modules, Janette makes the classes at Kays Flower School very enjoyable and Deirdre is always there n the back ground to lend a helping hand or offer advice. There was no scrimping on flower which is great and Janette is an excellent Florist Teacher, God bless her patience.   I would highly recommend this course to anyone whether you already work in the business or you are a complete novice.  

Lorna Stuart Trainor, A Room in a Bloom, 

Hi Janette 

I want to say a massive thank you. Know you saw on facebook that we won the weddings online floral designer award (thank you for sharing). Want to say a thank you for giving me a great foundation in floristry from courses and providing such a great support. Wouldn't be here today only for you, so thank you and continue the fantastic work.

Kind regards,

Lorna-Weddings Online Floral Designer of the Year 2014

Deborah Lake - Adelaide - South Australia - April 2014

Just letting you know that I received my order today. Everything arrived in perfect order. Thank you for the complimentary brooch, ribbon flower and ribbon, it was a lovely gesture. I will be adding it to my collection for my own Bridal Bouquet.I am so excited about getting started. I have to say, I am really glad I spent the extra money to purchase your kit as I was a little unsure about all the styrofoam type u-tube videos that were out there. I wanted to make a quality heirloom bouquet and once I had watched your DIY Tutorial I was over the moon and felt very confident I could do this and that my finished product was exactly what I wanted. Once again thank you so much for an outstanding product. Well worth the investment.

Joni Jonson - SC United States - May 2014

I always wanted to learn how to make Brooch Bouquets because I think they are so beautiful. I tried learning on my own through " free videos" online that other people posted but the bouquets never looked professional and I would get frustrated. I spent a lot of money trying different things that did not work, then I found Kay's School of Floristry. I had already seen their beautiful bouquets and I was so happy to learn they had DISTANCE LEARNING KITS that you can purchase and learn to do at home. Now it has only been 6 months and I have started my home based business in S.C (United States) and it is growing. Anytime I have any questions I can email them and they are always their for me. I hope to take a trip to Ireland someday soon.

Tina Kavanagh - Co Monaghan - June 2013

Hi Jeanette, Congratulations on 25 years in the flower business!  Sorry for taking so long getting back with feedback on your wonderful courses. I have attended three courses which Kay’s School has given, Sympathy, Bridal and Advanced Bridal.  Before commencing these courses I attended a FETAC Level 5 module in floristry.  I have to say that comparing the two courses, Kay’s won hands down.  The FETAC course was both expensive and was mainly theory based and very limited with tips which every good florist needs. The girls at Kay’s are helpful, funny and passionate about their teaching.  When any student graduates from Kay’s there is one phrase that stands out in your mind “fill in, fill in, fill in” I had a great experience and would highly recommend Kay’s School of Floristry to anyone.   

Andrea Brady - Co Cork - September 2013

I just want to say thank you to Janette and Deirdre for all the help over the last few months. It has changed my whole perspective on what I want to do with my career. They are the best mentors and teachers around. Always ready. Never lectured just taught in a friendly relaxed manner. Thank you so much. I couldn't have asked for better teachers and now friends. Met some lovely people up there and am sorry I am finished.

Veronika Szatmary -

I have attended the Flower Arranging course at Kay's School and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot :) Janette is a really energetic and funny teacher, it was a great experience to get insight into this lovely profession and I became very passionate about it!!!! Thank you for everything and see you girls in September in the next courses! :) -

Maeve Corroon,  Mullingar Co Westmeath -

For almost two years I’ve looked at your web site! Will I ! Wont I ! So on the 11th June 2012 I DID. And I was delighted I did. Thank you Janette and will see in September.

Caitriona Healy, Enchanted flowers Macroom Co Cork-

Hi guys it’s been ages since i spoke to you last, just want to say a quick thanks to you all once again, my shop enchanted flowers will be open 2 years i can hardly believe it , but it’s been hard, fun, exciting , scary but fulfilling, again sorry i have not been in contact more but it’s been very busy and only getting even more mental, 16 weddings down so far this year not to mention the amount off new babies , birthdays, engagements, and god knows what else taking a quick holiday now on Monday for 10 days to gear myself up for the next run till Christmas, 26 wedding between now and the and 2013 looks fo be even better anyway thank you so much because without you i would not be here today many thanks.

Natasha Michel, Sussex , UK  July 2012-

Thank you so much for the amazing distance learning kit, it contains everything you need to make something truly unique and beautiful, the dvd is brilliant as it has lots of places you can stop to go over the details and look back etc, also the kit has more than enough supplies which allows for a certain amount of mistakes with taping and wiring for the first time, I have to say I am most impressed by the wonderful after care service and the support I have received since completing my bouquet

Nadiya Saleh, Queensland , Australia June 2012-

So I've been waiting very patiently to do the bouquet as I am a full time teacher with no extra time on my hands. Finally school holidays arrived! My kit had arrived prior to the holidays so my timing was just great! I watched the dvd once and enjoyed the explicit teaching method used by Kay's school of floristry. First I started wiring my brooches and was careful to remember each instruction. It went rather smoothly and I was fascinated at how each element started to come together. The distant Learning Kit was just fantastic!!! Thanks to Kay! :) -

Katie Symonds, UK May 2012-

Just wanted to say a huge" Thank you" to Janette and the girls for their excellent service. I have just finished my first bouquet and I think it looks fab...will send some pictures once I get my camera sorted! Janette has made the distance learning Kit so easy to use...with everything included ... and it’s much easier than reading instructions!! Looking forward to making a second bouquet... Thanks again xxx -

Michele Crossan, Canada April 2012-

Thanks to all at Kay’s School and Vintage Heirloom Workshop for teaching me everything i know for both fresh and vintage bouquets. I am now spreading the word here in Canada about their distance learning course which i completed recently and it was excellent... highly recommended

Fiona Clark, Scotland April 2012-

Can highly recommend the distance learning kit...Janette is a natural teacher, and reiterates bits you might find tricky on the first go! It seems a bit daunting, but really is fine once you know what to do and the results are fabulous! Definitely give it a go if you're not sure!

Jean Haslam, UK March 2012-

Just to let you all out there that is thinking of getting a Vintage Heirloom Bouquet kit to make at home with the help of Janette's brill DVD, it is well worth it Janette is great in the dvd and the notes are brill too and links it took me 2 1/2 hours to do it and it was hard work but fun a great achievement and the fact I could do it in the uk at home was great well done Kay and Janette great Idea x Ps thanks for the king crisps..

West Clare Flowers March 2012-

I highly recommend Kays School of Floristry - whether you are a beginner or just brushing up on your floristry skills. Inspirational!!!

Shirley Dorrity, Dublin April 2012-

Kay’s school of Floristry is the no 1 training school for anyone wanting to learn all aspects of Floristry. - I would totally recommend Kay’s.

Mary Hanrahan, Wexford February 2012-

The tutors, the courses and most of all they are so accommodating with great back up.

Izabela Krupa, Kerry December 2011

I would strongly recommend, fantastic tutor, fantastic inspiration!!! :)

Joan Murray, Dublin December 2011-

The Christmas Workshop on 9th December is a great way to learn a skill that you can share with the family year after year: your children will love helping you to make wreaths to give to family and friends.

Kat, Scotland May 2012-

Good morning from sunny Scotland, I received my box of goodies on Monday and I have had a great time making my bouquet, as a result of it I've made up my mind and going to make a small business out. After a gift that Ro and I got for our engagement, (a star named after us - Caro) I am going to open Caro Forever. I was hoping to order some of the blue love heart brooches if you have any in stock? Also I was wondering how you did the love heart and tear drop bouquets? Thank you for having such a fabulous idea and giving me the knowledge to do something in the wedding industry, I love a happy love story and weddings days are so special.

Jacqueline Dudley, Co. Wexford March 2012

 Hi Janette, Thanks for your advice re flowers for the nursing home. I have got a handle on the situation now and everything is going v. well. I will bring you my album next time I am on a course, which should not be too far away. I know I said I would not do weddings, but luckily for me everyone likes my arrangements and we have been approached to do weddings, but I have declined until I take some more lessons. It has really taken me about 4 months to become confident with what I learnt from your classes and the knowledge you imparted has been absolutely invaluable.    It is really great not to panic when someone wants a hand tied bouquet or funeral wreath in 10 mins. Also, I have trained the guys here to do the greenery for wreaths which is a massive help. Anyway, I cannot thank you and Deirdre enough for all the training so far, and as I said earlier, hope to see you both again v. soon. Regards, -

Sheena . Co Clare-

Hi ladies, Quick private note to say thanks a million for all your help on the wired shower bouquet. I did the dreaded phalanopsis  orchid shower last Saturday and I got so many compliments.  Couldn’t have done it without ye : ) Thanks

Pauline Ford. Naas

Hi Janette, Sorry only getting to reply to this now as we were away for a few days.... Congratulations on 25 years in the flower business! keep up the good work! That email sounds gr8...  I learned loads on the courses and while i initially thought it seemed expensive... But, it was actually very good value for money, considering all we learned & the flowers were included & ours to take home at the end of the class...  Remember that lovely girl who traveled over from the UK, She was on the Sympathy module... She obviously thought it was great value for money, given she had to pay for flights and accommodation in Dublin while she was here... But she still thought it was far less expensive than training in London!!! - All the best Pauline Forde, Naas

Pauline Ford, Heirloom Bouquets, Naas - 

Hi Kay and Janette, Pauline here from the June (2011) advanced bridal course. Hope all is well with you both. Just wanted to let you know that I am launching my heirloom bouquets at the wedding journal show in Citywest this weekend. I have also set up my own business page on Facebook called Heirloom Bouquets so love you to take a look. Xpose did an interview with me today while i was setting up my stand so hopefully it might get shown. Kind Regards

Joan Cannon, Galway November 2011-

Just wanted to say -a massive thank you to yourself, Deirdre & Kay. I got in touch with Interiors from your post re Galway Students on Facebook and I will be supplying him for Galway Sq Xmas market. I'm also going to do 2 other local markets. I couldn't have done this in a thousand yrs on my own so you have realized my dreams ladies!!! I started a Facebook page yesterday & I didn't have time to email photos prior to posting them but the arrangements are off to Eyre Sq today. A thousand thanks for everything. Cheers#

Siobhan, July 2011

- Hi Janette, Thank you so much for all your help and advice... My first wedding went great and the bride was delighted! I was panicking coz the delivery didn't arrive until thur morning.. But June and Adrian helped me and we got it all done! The mothers were delighted with their bouquets.. and the mother of the groom said I inspired her to do flower arranging herself.. So i told her to check out your website and do the courses! I finally got around to setting up a facebook page too and a friend of mine posted the photos of the wedding on it! The name of the page is Absolutely WILD if you want to check it out.... Anyway, I cant thank you enough Janette, I really enjoyed the courses and learnt so much, i'm still very slow at making up bouquets and finding it very hard to organise myself especially @ the moment when the kids are off school for 8 weeks!!!! Ah well, i'm sure it'll all fall into place in September when they go back to school!  See you all in October for the Christmas course... Looking fwd to it already! I've even bought cinnamon sticks in the wholesalers!  

Recognitions of past pupils:

Congratulations to Past Student Sinead Crowe from Rosie Day Florist 2009 Florist of the Year     Congratulations to Past Student Lynette from Little Daisy Flowers – 2010 Florist of the Year   Congratulations to Past Student John Paul Mc Guirk from Elegant Flowers 2011 Florist of the Year

Congratulations to Laura Stuart Trainor from A Room in a Bloom - Weddings Online Floral Designer of the Year 2014