Top Tips When Using Lilac as a Cut Flower

The botanical name for Lilac is Syringa. 

It is widely available from December to April . 

This highly fragrant spring flower from the ornamental flowering Lilac Tree.

Available in White, Purple / Lilac/ Pale Pink



white lilac for wedding work

Top Care Tips for Lilac

  • Cut on an angle and place in a full bucket of fresh cold water – minimum 30cm
  • Wrap the heads to provide support for first drink
  • Lilac loves water so top up regulally
  • Use Shrub food in water
  • Lilac is sensitive to the ethylene gas of other flowers so keep separate if possible
  • As the stem is woody qwik dip will help get the water up quicker
  • Lilac is not great lasting in foam due to the amount of water it needs
  • Short stems look beautiful in a Hand tied Bridal Bouquet
  • Breaking up the florets reduces the lasting ability making it unsuitable for wiring.