Top Tips when booking your wedding florist


Trust your Florist

This is most likely your first wedding but it is definitely not your florists.  Trust their experience and advice.  If you do not have confidence in your florists ability to create your dream floral display, find another florist that you do have confidence in.


Be Flexible

Most brides have an idea of what they like, dislike, what they expect.  Your Florist will aim to achieve all your expectation, but be flexible as your Pinterest dream may not be achievable due to seasonal flowers or indeed your budget.  The biggest mistake is for a bride to have her heart set on specific flowers, set your colour scheme and let your florist recommend the flowers.


Book your florist early

Once you have decided on your wedding date, book your chosen florist.  Most florists only take on one wedding per day.  You do not need to decide on colours and schemes at this stage, just secure your wedding date and your florist will tell you when you need to have your first consultation.


Use contrasting colours

Some brides try to match their bridesmaids dress colours to their flowers where in fact contrasting colours can work so much better and make for amazing photos.  For example Brides with Purple bridesmaid’s dresses would regularly ask for purple flowers, where in fact using shades of lime green can look beautiful.


Ask your florist about reusing your church arrangement

Although not nice to remove all your wedding flowers from the church, If you have decorated the aisle and side altars these arrangements can become table centrepieces or to decorate the entrance to your venue.  Discuss this with your florist.


Don’t choose highly scented flowers.

It might be amazing to walk into your wedding venue and smell your favourite aromatic flowers, but guest prone to allergies may not find it as romantic.  If you wish to use your favourite strongly scented flower use it in your own bouquet.


Don’t forget to budget for flowers

Initially brides may feel flowers are unimportant and  forget to include a budget for them.  Fresh flowers can enhance the theme of a wedding, particularly when decorating a venue. Include them in your budget from the beginning of your wedding planning.


DIY?  Don’t take on too much

Regularly florists receive frantic calls from brides on the day before their wedding panicking as they don’t have the time to complete the designs they had seen on Pinterest or the flowers they had purchased from their local market had died or not opened.  Floristy is a professional skill and a qualification, saving money by doing your own flowers may in fact cost you double in the end.  Leave it to the professionals.