Valentine's Day Florist Preparation Tips

Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday this year, this can mean a drop of up to 30% in flower sales.

Why is this you might ask?

  • As it’s a weekend couple may go out for dinner or away for a weekend rather than buying flowers
  • As they are not in work they have more access to supermarkets and other shops that sell flowers for Valentine’s Day
  • It is easier to deliver flowers to a workplace than to a home – someone will accept the delivery in a workplace, you may have to re deliver a couple of times to find someone at home
  • If a couple are only recently together there is more chance of knowing each other’s work address than home address.
  • The second bouquet for the mistress may not be ordered as it can’t be delivered to the person’s home. Every florist can tell you the story of a Valentine’s Day Bouquet being ordered for the partner and their lover.
  • Secret admirers may only know a work address and  not know a home address

What can I do to overcome this?


Email or Text previous customers at least 2 weeks before Valentines Day - Offer a discount or promotion like Free delivery by ordering before a certain date.

Create a Friday Special Arrangement  - Order this arrangement to be delivered on Friday 12th and get a Free Teddy / Chocolates etc - this arrangement does not have to be  red roses,  the cheaper coloured roses may make it more affordable,  and if pre-ordered arrangements can be made in advance using long lasting flowers like Cymbidium.

Social Media

  • Plan your Social Media advertising campaign / promoted posts

Keep in mind

  •  Who is your target market ? Male / Female
  •  What is your target market age group
  • What is your target location ? Local / 10 mile radius 
  • Run a  competition for a Free bouquet of flowers on different social Media Platforms
  • Schedule post on your social media for the week coming up to Valentines Day, you wont get time to post

Prepare your Local Advertising

  • Door to door leaflet drop
  • Local newspaper advertisement
  • Radio competition & advertising
  • Temporary outside signage
  • Temporary “A” boards outside on footpath
  • Local advertising boards in shops/post office / doctors surgeries / local companies/factories/colleges


Things to be preparing in your shop

  • Assembly  Porto Boxes for hand tied bouquets
  • Add flower food into the plastic inserts
  • Have you enough in stock ?
  • Now is the time to contact Michael at Floral Box
  • Pre-Arranging – Hand tie greens prepared in bundles
  • Pricing – If possible have a lower price point with 30 or 40 cm roses for cash and wrap
  • Single Roses – Have plenty of  single roses wrapped and ready to go - display these with a box of chocolates or teddies for quick pick up sales.
  • Promote your business - Mother's Day is just around the corner  – Enclose an offer for March in every delivery 
  • Check last years sales - this will give you a good idea when pre-ordering flowers , If you don't have records from last year start keeping them for this year, these records will make life so much easier for you next year.

Bouquet Essentials Preparation

  • Start preparing and making all your bows - Do you need a reminder “how to make the bows” ?
  • Prepare all your hand tied strings.  - Do you need a reminder how to tie your strings ?
  • Cut and fold all your Cellophanes and tissue /decoration papers. - o   Do you need a reminder how to fold the cellophane ?
  • Stock up on Gift cards / envelopes,  Attach shop stickers if needed 
  • Print off your care and price cards
  • Prepare a selection choice and price plan for your staff.
  • Valentines Day Gifts and Teddies??  Have you sourced a supplier?
  • Negotiated a price with your supplier for top quality Red Rose

3 weeks Before Valentines Day

  • Roster in the extra hours staff will  need to work.
  • Book temp staff, rope in family and friends, but make sure they know what their job is and they are capabale of preforming the tasks. 
  • Nominate ONE delivery manager, too many involved in this can create mayhem.
  •  Organise the delivery route and roster for each driver.
  • Brief  the delivery men – do you have a code of dress?  Do you have a standard greeting for when they deliver flowers? Are they knowledgeable of the area?  let them help you with the delivery route that will work best.
  • Have numbers for local taxi companies in case of emergency.

Stock up your kitchen with bottles of water and soft drinks, fruit snacks & granola bars and packets of soup,  Organise a delivery of sandwiches during the days prior to Valentines Day  as no one will have time to eat properly.

  • Check the first aid kit for plasters & paracetamol in case of cuts or headaches

After Valentine’s Day

Show Appreciation – Give your staff a token of your appreciation for their commitment to making Valentine’s Day a success – free flowers to bring home maybe?? 

Do you or your staff need a refresher course in Hand Tied Bouquet techniques? Including wrapping, presentation, pricing etc ? Email Janette at