A Bouquet full of Love & Memories to Mark a Special Day

Make your Bouquet an Heirloom  of your life together


  • How long have you been together? 
  • How many ups, downs, happy, sad, funny. crazy times do you remember about Yourrelationship?
  • How may places have you visited and bought trinkets and pieces to remember those places by? 
  • How many things have you bought each other, some of little or no value but mean the world to you?  

You can Create a Bouquet of Love & memories to carry on your Wedding Day that includes pieces of your lives together that will last Forever.


Bouquet of Memories


What can be included in a Wedding Bouquet of Memories?

Jewelry of any size, shape, colour, design.

Badges and pins in any shape or form

Trinkets from any time in your lives you may have picked up traveling 

Chains, Necklaces & Beads

Medals of any kind, be them religious or medals of honour.

Fabric from an event, a precious time in either or both of your lives.

Photos of any person, place or thing that is precious to you.

Your Bouquet of Memoires may not be the Bouquet you carry on your wedding day,  it may just be a Bouquet that you want to gift to a loved one.  It may be a bouquet to mark an occasion in your lives. 

You can make your own Bouquet of memories with us either on your own or together as a couple.  Your Bouquet of memories is unique to you as a couple and will tell a story that will live on for ever. 


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