7 Things to do while your shop is closed during Covid 19


Turn Your worried energy into something productive. 

Maybe over the past few years you have been so busy with running your business that you just don’t get the time to actually look at our business.

Now is the time to do just that


1 – Rebranding.  How long have you had the same logo and branding?   Is it time to refresh it?  Maybe coming back after Covid 19 will be your opportunity to launch a brand new brand for your business??

2 – Look at your website.  Do you need to update your images, your design , your way of taking bookings and enquiries.  Is their a better soft ware package that would work better for your business.

3 – Stock Take.  How many of you have presses full of stock and supplies that you haven’t used in years. ( will those plastic bridal bouquet back frills ever come back init fashion ?) Take them out and see can you repurpose them, or maybe look at selling the stock online rather than having money sitting in your stock room.  Put together some DIY kits for the hobby florist who may use this stuff to design at home.

4 – Communicate – Get in contact with all your clients that regularly come into your flower shop, or corporates or hotels that regularly buy from you and fill them in on your current situation.  Keep these lines of communication open. 

5 – Sell.  Just because your shop is closed does not mean you can not keep selling.  2021 & 2022 Wedding Couples are sitting at home browsing the internet for their weddings.  These are your prospective customers, don’t be afraid to market to them.

6 – Ask.  Get in contact with all your past Brides & Grooms or corporates and ask them for photos of their weddings and events to use on your social.  Along with getting these images, you are also opening communication channels to maybe more work in the future.

7 – Inspire. Use Social to talk to your customers, make them think  about you and your business, if sell plants talk to them about plant care.  Give them ideas they can use at home.  Thank them for their support to you over the years and the support they are presently giving you by sharing your content.


Stay Safe – Stay Social – Stay Apart – Support Together