So you have just got engaged

Your days are spent trawling through Pinterest deciding on a style/ theme / look for your wedding Day / Weekend

If this is your first wedding you probably haven’t a clue how much things are likely to cost,  

so preparing a budget can be very difficult

In this blog post we are going to look at your wedding flower budget.


How much do wedding  flowers cost?

Flowers will transform any venue, indoor or outdoor in a magical place and the loving touch and attention to detail by your wedding florist can create the wedding day of your dreams.

Here I am going to give you some average cost of Wedding Floral Items.  Obviously these prices will vary depending on the variety of flowers, the quantity of the flowers, if the flowers are in season, the quantity ordered and of course the experience and expertise of your florist or floral designer.  Also flower prices fluctuate on a daily basis and sometimes within a week can shoot through the roof, unfortunately they don't drop as quickly, so allowing your florist to choose professionally for you it the best option to get the best value.


  • Bridal bouquet: €100 - €250
  • Bridesmaid bouquet: €80 - €170
  • Boutonniere: €20 - €60
  • Pin-on corsage: €35 - €85
  • Wrist corsage: €35 –€65
  • Flower Crown €80 - €180
  • Unity Candle Arrangement €90- €200
  • Arrangement next to registry book €65- €90
  • Cake Flowers €25 - €75
  • Altar Arrangements €90 - €300
  • Pew Arrangements €25 - €75
  • Topiary Trees €120 - €250
  • Floral Arch €700 - €2500
  • Table Candelabras €85 - €150
  • Table Arrangements €65 - €200
  • Flower Wall €800- €5000


You cannot compare like with like unless you compare quantity and quality.  A simple example being a Bridal Bouquet of Pink Roses

Both of these can be advertised as a Bridal Bouquet of Pink Roses 

Bouquet of pink roses


Bouquet of pink wedding roses


 Wedding Florists will normally give you an over-all quote depending on the quantity of flowers.  When all individual items are prices and added together the overall price may be more than your overall final quote.   

So be aware by taking 10 pew ends at €20 each of your order will not result in €200 off your wedding flower quotation as the Florist has factored in the extra flowers that can be used elsewhere.

How to reduce the Cost of your Wedding Flowers


  1. Mix Expensive Flowers with Inexpensive Flowers

Your experienced wedding florist will be able to advise you on ways to get the look without spending a fortune.  Mixing expensive and less expensive flowers together can be very impressive.  Adding a pop of expensive flowers like David Austin Roses and Peonies can be very elegant

  2. Reuse your Ceremony Flowers at the Reception

Floral designs can be transported from one venue to another to help reduce the cost or decorating two venues.  Your experienced florist will be on hand to transport arrangements and design and be sure they look perfect in their second location.  Floral Arches made attached to a Church Doorway may not be able to be moved, ask about a free standing arch that can be moved from location to location.  ( Be prepared there will be a fee for this service but cheaper than buying more floral displays) 

  3. Choose Wedding Flowers That Are in Season and Locally Grown

Flowers in season are much better value for money.  Hydrangea and Peonies in June and July will be much less expensive than using them in September / October.  Sometimes choosing locally grown flowers and folliage can be less expensive than the imported versions.

  4. Stick to a Few Types of Flowers

The more variety, the more the costs.  If you want one Peonie in the center of your wedding bouquet, be advised your Florist needs to buy 10, you will be charged if they cant use the rest of them throughout your wedding flower

  5. Be Open-Minded and Ask Your Florist for Advice

When in doubt, ask your florist for some insight they will be able to give you alternatives that may meet your expectations visually and may be more accessible for your date.& budget.  "We always find that brides who are more open-minded going into initial floral consultation can truly learn about flowers and options they didn't even know existed, and the end result being more beautiful than expected

6. Florist Choice

Allow your florist use her experience and skills to design your flowers, choose your palette and allow for florist choice for best value

  7. Choose One or Two "Wow" Pieces

It is not necessary to have every reception table dressed elaborately.  Choose one or two “wow” center pieces in key areas and dress the rest of the tables more simply


How much of your budget should be allocated to The  flowers? 

The general rule of thumb is 10%

Many wedding couples will argue - "But they will be dead in a couple of days" 

Think about it

  • Will you wear your dress again ?
  • The wedding meal will be on its way out to the sea the next day?
  • The Hair & Makeup will be well and truly gone.
  • The favours you spent hours making or hours choosing will be in the end of the fancy handbag until the next wedding.
  • The Music from the band will be over and hopefully people will have sore feet from dancing the night away.

Your wedding will be a memory, with lots of photos and videos posted on social media that will come up in your memories year after year.  And what will be in every photo alongside the fabulous wedding couple ??  The Flowers. 

Your wedding photos hanging on the wall ??  You guys and Your Flowers 

Your wedding flowers will transform your wedding into the magical dream you always wanted.  Do look back and say - "I should have got what I wanted "

Suzanne Jackson of SoSueMe said

"In fact, when we were budgeting for the wedding, we wanted to allow for a really nice flower display. When I attended my best friend’s weddings two years, the first thing I noticed that absolutely blew me away was her floral display, and, being a huge a huge flower lover myself, it was just one of those elements that meant a lot to us. For a reception room, the flower arrangements can really make or break it in my opinion."

Lamber De Bie was Suzanne's Floral Designer 





Top Floral Tips From Irish Florists 


Michael Costello Lynch from Michael Costello Event & Floral Design says 

 "If you have your dress altered give the cut offs to your florist to wrap the stems of your bouquets so it matches your dresses perfectly"

Ciara Quigley from The Flower Boutique in Dun Laoghaire 

"All Wedding couples should make an appointment for a proper consultation with their florist so they each have plenty of time to discuss and establish the theme of the day and how best to achieve their dream wedding within budget"  Ciara mentions her recent experience of a Bride calling into her shop whilst they were really busy working on a large funeral and being unable to give the bride her full attention and expertise. 

Caitriona Healy from Enchanted Flowers in Macroom Co Cork

"When holding your Bridal Bouquet try not to look like your eating it ... so many bride's hunch up their shoulders and end up looking like they are going to eat/ lick there bouquet.."

I always advise my bride's to keep the base of the handle of the bouquet at there pelvic bone which make the photos look better and their shoulders are not hunched.   Some wedding parties even establish a code word so all the bridal party remember when they are taking group pictures,  so no ones bouquet is up in the air & eating again.